Labyrinth Walks – One Path

I enjoy walking a labyrinth – there’s only one way to go and they’re flat. Okay, and then there’s the focus. Walk with my head down, be in the present, and ignore the distractions.

Here are a few of my favorites in Sonoma County.

The most interesting one is located off the Kortum trail just north of Shell Beach – between the first fence and the first boardwalk, it’s about 100’ inland. This labyrinth seemed to grow organically, where many visitors made contributions to the path. When it was 10 years old, someone decided to add colorfully painted stones to make sure we get the point of being inspired or at peace. I don’t appreciate cute help, but it seems the meadow/nature are modifying the attempted improvements.

labyrinth near kortum trail

When you make it to the center of the labyrinth, look up and you face the ocean. How terrific. Bring a totem to leave at the ‘altar’.

Labryinth near Shell Beach

For some reason there’s a labyrinth at a dog park in Petaluma. But dog parks are loose and general in Petaluma, so maybe the doggies need a labyrinth. This one’s at Oak Hill Park – Oak and Howard or off of Pleasant St.

Petaluma dog park labyrinth

Speaking of dogs, this next one is at the Charles M. Schulz Museum on W. Steele Ln. in Santa Rosa, CA. in the shape of Snoopy’s Head.Snoopy labyrinth sign

Snoopy Labyrinth

Besides the fun museum, there’s a skating rink nearby. Mark your calendars for mid-July for the skating tournament with skaters from 40-80 years old.

Near the Youth Annex in Sebastopol off of Morris St. is the Labyrinth of Life by the Teen Memorial Garden. Simple and contemplative.

Labyrinth of Life

Sebastopol labyrinth

The previous two years we had a garden at Knox Presbyterian Church on W. 3rd in Santa Rosa. Right next to our box of growing strawberries and lettuce was a lovely labyrinth. The surrounding lavender is very much larger now than in this picture.


For a more elegant discussion of labyrinths please refer to Walking the Labyrinth

Do you have your own favorite labyrinth?Let me know.

Do you know where this one is?

Pillar Point Labyrinth

May you find your path.


Words by Lynn Millar, photos by Lynn & Mike Millar – available upon request.

Thursday’s Song: Walker’s Personal Song

We have a special song this week. One contributed by a reader – and a frequent walker (hiker) in Montana. He also takes excellent pictures of flowers, fauna and forests.

My favorite walking song is one that I compose as I go along, each verse different and most are forgotten by the next hike. It is sung loosely to the tune of “This Ole House” and goes something like this:

This old trail has no beginning
This old trail has no end
When you finally reach the middle
It just goes around again.

There is dust at the trailhead
There are snowbanks at the top
When you see the mountain meadows
You never want to stop.

This old trail has no beginning
This old trail has no end
When you finally reach the middle
It just goes around again.

(and on, and on, make ‘em up as you go)

Please sing and make up your own music.

Visit Montucky’s blog by clicking Montana Outdoors

If you need help with the suggested tune – here’s Rosemary Clooney singing This Ole House at a peppy pace.

Wednesday Walking News: Contra Costa, Santa Monica &

You never know where you’ll meet walkers – how about at an old coworker’s birthday party in Concord?

Contra Costa Hills Club

Here’s a group founded in 1920 – the Contra Costa Hills Club. They don’t just hike in the East Bay but go all over the Bay Area. The day after I met this man (70-something) he was off to a hike in Marin County of 8.8 miles and 1820′ in elevation change. Wow!

For more info, click on Hills Club


Here’s a walking tour I can get behind – one with food. From Gourmet Pigs:

Friday, July 18, 2014

A Walking Tour of Santa Monica:
The Misfit, Del Frisco’s Grille, and The Lobster

by guest blogger Bryan Tsunoda @btsunoda

I’ve participated on walking food tours in cities like Milwaukee and St. Louis and recently had an opportunity to do a local walking tour in downtown Santa Monica. One recent evening, I had an opportunity to visit The Misfit Restaurant and Bar, Del Frisco’s Grille and The Lobster.


Read more at Santa Monica tour.


Walking News Wednesday: Quebec, Pittsburgh &

Click headings or as indicated for more information.

A walking tour of Old Quebec


Fancy a trip that oozes Euro­pean charm, but don’t want to make the long haul trek? As a closer to home choice, why not try Que­bec City, a place with a dis­tinctly French fla­vor? Whilst man­ag­ing to remain a 100 per­cent full-blooded Cana­dian des­ti­na­tion, it is pos­si­ble while vis­it­ing Que­bec to feel as though you are on another continent.

For the rest of the article, click Quebec.



It’s gearing up to be a busy September for all things bicycling, walking, and Placemaking. We are pleased to announce that the 2014 Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place conference program and schedule is now available for your perusal! The conference program spans three days, nine breakout periods, and includes more than 100 presentations and mobile workshops. Additional formats include: poster displays, peer problem solving sessions, and pecha kucha style presentations.

For more information, click Pittsburgh


In case you haven’t voted yet, here’s your chance. We can even go Chicago-style (vote more than once.)

Thursday’s Song: The Walk

This song from 1958 – The Walk by Jimmy McCracklin was before my dancing days of the Twist, Mashed Potatoes and the Swim (to name just a few).

I will consider requests. What’s your favorite ‘Walking’ song?


Wednesday Walking News: National Parks hit 150 &

The 150th Anniversary of the idea of National Parks

by elfling Follow for Daily Kos Fri Jul 04, 2014 at 04:00 PM PDT

Merced River and Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, circa 1865, Carleton Watkins photograph

attribution: Carleton Watkins, Library of Congress
Merced River and Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, circa 1865, Carleton Watkins photograph

One hundred and fifty years ago, the United States was in the midst of the Civil War. And yet, a group of men dared to press a curious idea. A magnificent valley and a grove of immense sequoia trees had been discovered in California. What if this land were to be preserved and protected from exploitation and development for all time?

More information, click National Park


From the Upper Peninsula, Michigan

Girl visits over 160 National Parks,

makes a stop in the Keweenaw on the Fourth

Sarah Blakely Posted: 07.04.2014 at 5:59 PM

CALUMET — She’s only 13 years old, and Aida Frey has already visited 163 National Parks. On July 4, she and her parents, Shawn and Norma, explored the sites of Keweenaw National Historical Park making the Copper Country stop number 164.

It all began when she was just nine years old visiting her first-ever National Park that sparked an interest in American history that led her to become a National Park Service Junior Ranger.


for more information, click on Keweenaw


Still time to vote – who pays for California Parks

Wednesday Walking News: Vandal Walk, Klimt & Poll

 This week’s news

Walking on Logs sculpture vandalized and one stolen

Last Friday night, apparently with little or no traffic to provide a witness, someone, likely more than one person sawed off one of the statues that comprise the Walking on Logs metal sculpture that has served as a greeting at the gateway to West Seattle since 1996, just to the right and near the top of the West Seattle Bridge before it intersects 35th Ave. S.W.

It features a series of figures posed to be walking on logs.

Click to read more: Stolen Walk


Apparently the Carrieres de Lumieres changes artists from time to time.

Walking through Klimt Paintings

One of the coolest places we went on our trip to France was the Carrieres de Lumieres (the Quarry of Lights) in Les Baux de Provence, not far from Arles. Look at this place!!!
Just continuing the poll, please vote – Who do you think should pay for the State Parks?




Winery Walks: Coppola Winery

No wine was hurt on a recent visit to Coppola Winery. It is such an amazing place – we didn’t feel the need to drink.

A spectacular day with an unusual sky for Northern California ensured a great visit.

Coppola view to St Helena

View from the winery includes Mt St. Helena.

Coppola Winery is in the Alexander Valley, near Geyserville, CA. A welcoming place, their website description is ‘home to wine, food and adventure.’ Even the parking lot is gracious – not a blazing blob of asphalt.

Coppola parking lot

Stairs lead to the main buildings of the ‘winery’ but every thought is given to those who don’t/can’t do stairs. (Elevators and ramps aplenty.)

Coppola Lavender

When we reached the top patio, I spied through the glass doors to the left – a car. Mike had just found out a Tucker was here. This is Coppola, as in Francis Ford Coppola, movie director, so there is plenty of movie memorabilia. From his movie, Tucker, Coppola owns two of these beautiful cars. (The other one is at Inglenook in the Napa Valley.)

Coppola Tucker top

You could stand near the Godfather’s desk or study model ships used in the filming of Marie Antoinette. (Someone on Facebook informed me something from Apocalypse is coming. Not sure how that will fit with the good vibes.)

Godfather desk

Or you could just stare out the window.

Coppola view to St Helena

We had already eaten, when we visited last week. The prices at Rustic are a little high for us, but the room looked wonderful and I’m sure the food is great. Of course, a couple of tasting rooms are in the main building. An elegant 2-story gift shop weaves amongst the movie stuff. I mean you just ‘feel’ rich by visiting this place.

We did discover we could have eaten at the outside cafe near the pool.

Coppola pool cafe

Speaking of the pool, it’s huge. Lounges surround the pool. Changing cabines are on one side and a stage is on the other. Entertainment will be provided in the evenings this summer.

Coppola pool 6-14 l

Coppola Cabines 6-14 l

Coppola pool more 6-14 l

Plenty of umbrellas to shade you. Trees and gardens add lushness between the cafe and pool.

Coppola pool garden

Near the stage are a pair of bocce courts.

Coppola bocce

Also a teepee that children were running in and out of. Guess the contents of the tent? Books! With kids dying to read something.

Coppola teepee

As far as I could tell, we were all on a fantastic movie set and we all played our roles perfectly. Can’t wait to return and taste the wine.

See you on the trail!


Words by Lynn Millar, pictures by Lynn & Mike Millar – available upon request.

Coppola tower