Find a Walk

While I’m working on a 10 best list – 10 best flat walks – 10 best flat walks with access to more rigorous hikes – 10 best cafes – 10 best public bathrooms…I hope to expand this to 10 best San Francisco walks, 10 best East Bay walks.

Please let me know where you would like to walk. Using the search, or choosing the area to walk can be a little daunting. Give me some details (suggestions below), and I will send you an email response with a link to one I’ve already done and a brief outline of the walk.

  • where – by the ocean, in the trees. by water
  • distance – under 1 mile, under 3 miles – over 5 miles
  • kind of terrain – paved, dirt, sand,
  • near other entertainment – boating, picnicking, volleyball

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What would you add or ask?

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