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Kortum Trail

Kortum Trail is one of the most popular places to walk along the coast. It goes from Wright’s Beach to Blind Beach. I usually walk a shorter piece of the path. Wildflowers on the meadows are best in May. Later in the summer the lupines flower in great cascading lumps down the cliffs. Fall and winter create their own environments of wildness and beauty.

Click any of these posts for walks on the Kortum Trail.

Kortum Trail from Carlevaro Rd to Wrights Beach.

Above Wright’s Beach is a small parking lot with access north to the Kortum Trail. Wright Beach Kortum Trail

Many people start at Shell Beach to walk the Kortum Trail. North towards Goat’s Rock or South to Wright’s Beach.Boardwalk north on Korutm Trail

Across Hwy I is access to a walk to Pomo Canyon or up to Red Hill.

Russian River from Red Hill

For a crude map of the trail – Kortum Trail Map

Parking is currently free near the trail. Expect that to change. At Wright’s Beach with camping and picnicking the day use fee is $8/day. The lot above the beach is free.

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I am a writer of short stories, poems, plays and two someday-they’ll-be novels.

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The pictures are by my husband and walking companion.

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