Bay Trail Walk at Old Air Base

dog leash

Back for another piece of the Bay Trail, we started in Novato at Reservoir Hill Vista Trail. It’s on Hamilton Parkway and next door to reborn buildings of the old Hamilton Air Force Base.
Reservoir Hill Trailhead

I thought we could do this hill. Some of the locals were taking the shortcut (seen in the two ruts), we took the switchbacks. Reservoir Hill has some beautiful oaks and on the bay side some coyote bushes. Continue reading

Walking more Bay Trail & the Napa River

dog leashLast week I did another walk with fellow-Walkabouters at the JFK Memorial Park along the Napa River. Tule Marsh used to dominate the area until the mid-1800s.  San Pablo Bay (off of San Francisco Bay) was 18,000 acres of tidal marsh. Some of that is being restored.

We chose to start our walk at the parking lot near the boat launch.

Napa River Boat launch Continue reading

Bay Trail & Napa River Walk

Last week we walked a new trail around a landfill in American Canyon. Sounds perfect, right?

Well, it was beautiful to be along the Napa River and have views of Sonoma Mountain, Mt Tamalpais and Mt. Diablo. The trail was new segment of the Bay Trail – that will someday go all around San Francisco Bay. As this area is being restored, the trails here go through a marsh and wetland area of the Napa River. (Click here for online map of Bay Trail.)

Bay Trail Napa River backwater Continue reading

Walking around the Bay at the Oakland Museum

Hope you are a quick planner – we went to a wonderful exhibit called Above and Below: Stories from Our Changing Bay It ends February 23rd – that’s like Sunday.

Above Below

One area of the exhibit is about the “below” with a video showing the San Francisco Bay without the water.

What I learned about the bay: Continue reading

Where’s your First Day Walk?

I haven’t decided yet where I’ll be. But I know several groups are working Bodega Head and the Kortum Trail. Both excellent choices. Following are some other choices.

Click headings to find more information:


Walks all over the Bay Area and Northern California

New Year’s Day: Hikes, nature events
in the Bay Area and beyond

By Lisa M. Krieger – Mercury News -Posted:   12/23/2013 03:00:00 PM PST | Updated:   4 days ago

January arrives with the force of a Chinook wind. One year is finished; its tiresome episodes are closed. Now there’s just the future, so full of promise, urging us to take a big mental and physical leap forward.

Stop — look. So much has happened while we were indoors celebrating. The days are lengthening. The night stars are wheeling around Polaris. Tall trees lay down another ring. Vast flocks of migrating birds cluster onto winter waters.

Pull on a sweatshirt and boots and join nature as she embarks on a new season. All over the Bay Area, there are Dec. 31 and Jan. 1 activities to get the blood stirring.


Going to be in Doncaster? Maybe not, but excellent goals.

Walking festival to kick start new year

Published on the 30 December  2013 06:48

Doncaster Council’s ‘Get Doncaster Walking’ festival is returning for the start of 2014 and the year round programme is supporting the Walk Boost initiative encouraging people to ‘ditch the car’ and get to work by foot, public transport or cycling.



Enjoy brisk walks? Connecticut pitches
New Year’s Day hikes
of 1 to 5 miles at 4 state parks

First Posted: December 30, 2013 – 3:00 am Last Updated: December 30, 2013 – 3:02 am

HARTFORD, Connecticut — Hikers who want to chill out after New Year’s Eve parties can indulge themselves in four Connecticut state park hikes on New Year’s Day.

First Day Hikes are planned for Sleeping Giant State Park in Hamden, Mansfield Hollow State Park in Mansfield, Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison and Osbornedale State Park in Derby.


New York?

Birder walks in New York City?


And after the walk on the first day – don’t forget to walk all the other days.

Happy New Year,

Lynn Millar

Walking Along the Bay in Tiburon

One of the great things about California, if you can’t walk one place, there’s another great place nearby.

Our intention was to take the ferry to Angel Island. But this seems to be a doomed trip. Parking near the ferry is a problem and then we spotted two busloads of kids getting off the bus and heading for the ferry. It made us reconsider.

We chose another section of the Bay Trail and walked for a couple of miles there.

Tiburon Flat trail near road

Just out of ‘downtown’ Tiburon we saw an entrance to the trail and parked there. This was the shady spot. Technically speaking this is the Tiburon Peninsula Historical Trail and there are interpretive signs along the way. This area was part of an 1834 land grant – the Rancho Corte Madere. Continue reading

Crescent City to Arcata Walking

Well it isn’t one straight walk from Crescent City to Arcata, California. But it is some driving and bits and pieces of walks and parks.

Crescent City

When along the coast in Washington and Oregon, we saw signs everywhere declaring the Evacuation Route – in case of a tsunami. The signs are probably around, but I’ve not noticed them in California. A visit to Crescent City reminds me of the damage tsunamis can do.

The city, surrounding a crescent shaped beach, was wiped out in 1964 by a tsunami. The ocean floor by Crescent City perfectly funneled the wave onshore. The earthquake that leveled Anchorage, Alaska caused that wave.  In 2011, Crescent City suffered tsunami damage from the Sendai earthquake that caused extensive destruction to Japan including to their nuclear reactor.

Crescent City lighthouse Continue reading

Tall Ships in Bodega

If you visit Bodega Bay this weekend, you’ll be able to see a couple of tall ships. Sonoma County Regional Parks has brought in a reminder of how we used to get around. Step into history (sailing tours are full – but your might be able to get on board.) Mike paid a visit on Wednesday with a lot of other photographers.

Tall Ships in Bodega Harbor

Tall Ships in Bodega Harbor

Tall Ship Lady Washington

Tall Ship Lady Washington

Tall Ship Hawaiian Chieftain

Tall Ship Hawaiian Chieftain

Continue reading