Wednesday Walking News: Walking Class

Walking Class starts May 6th at Person Senior Center

  • Do you need help making walking part of your life?
  • Has the doctor told you to start walking?
  • Are you afraid to walk by yourself?
  • Is it time to rehab from an injury or surgery?

Person Senior Center

Starting on May 6th, I will be leading a Walking Class at the Person Senior Center in Santa Rosa. I hope to share my love of walking and how fun this exercise can be. We’ll walk around the Center on a flat paved trail for a mile or two. The length depends on who signs-up and what the group’s needs are.

I will also provide information on making walking safe – and the many health benefits of walking.

We start at 9am, every Tuesday and Thursday – first day is May 6th.

This is hosted by the Santa Rosa Recreation and Parks Department – so it requires a monthly sign-up and fee.

Visit Person Senior Center or Finley Center at 2060 W. College Ave, Santa Rosa. Or go online, Enter barcode 72328 for the May class. There will be a different code for each month. You will have to be registered with the Center to complete registration.

For all registration methods, click on

Hope to see you on this trail!

Lynn Millar

Path at Person Senior Center



Santa Rosa to Brush Creek Walking Connection

Some of you know that the Santa Rosa and Brush Creeks meet at the Flat Rocks. This is reputed to be the birthplace of Santa Rosa.

The City of Santa Rosa just completed a wide path from Mission Blvd to the trail along Brush Creek. This picture is taken near Streamside Place off of Hwy 12 in Rincon Valley. (Mike and Cole will not always be there to greet you.)

Trailhead to new Santa Rosa Creek trail

Trailhead to new Santa Rosa Creek trail

The trail is paved and wide – a new standard for city trails? There’s a view of the mountains and the creek is well below the path. Continue reading

Winery Walks: Kendall-Jackson

For short flat walks, wineries can provide beautiful gardens, vistas and charming if sometime kitschy architecture for your viewing pleasure.

With over 300 wineries in Sonoma County, we won’t cover all of them – but we will display some of our favorite gardens. Some are walks on their own and some are near places we like to walk.

This imposing Kendall-Jackson Winery is off of Fulton Rd. north of Santa Rosa, CA. Its gardens provide their own walk.

Winery Gardens Kendall Jackson Continue reading

Not a Flat Walk at Taylor Mountain

The name is a giveaway -  that Taylor Mountain would not be a flat walk. But I was game to give it a try. It helps that the parking lot is part of the way uphill and if you can only get that far you can still have a hillside picnic.

Taylor Mountain Picnic Table

This is a new Sonoma County Regional Park, that you can access off of Kawana Terrace in Santa Rosa. Pay for the parking or use your Annual Pass. Only about 4 miles of trails exist now, but more are planned. Continue reading

Monthly Walks at Spring Lake

Spring Lake Regional Park is one of the most popular places to walk in Santa Rosa. But I bet there’s a few things you don’t know about the area. To find some answers, please join a naturalist the first Saturday of each month for a most knowledgeable walk.

Spring Lake

Spring Lake walk in the rain

While the picture is on a rainy day, I think this Saturday July 6th will not have rain nor 100 degree temperature.

Part of a Bay Area program for Healthy Parks Healthy People, the walk starts at the swimming lagoon. Just over a 2-mile loop, you’ll only climb a dam once. (Unless they take the low road.) For more information click Walk. Time: 9am to 10:30am

For easiest access, enter at the North Entrance: 393 Violetti Road, Santa Rosa.  Fee is $7/ per car. But consider an annual pass. (It’s a terrific bargain for over 50 regional parks.)

Other activities at the park: Swimming, boating, fishing, camping and picnicking. Don’t forget the Discovery Center!

Spring Lake vista

Spring Lake Vista

For our take on the park, please click Spring Lake.

Words by Lynn Millar, Photos by Mike Millar

She Wasn’t a Walker but She is

She wasn’t a walker but she is Madame X or Madame Pierre Gautreau, the symbol of French Society in the 1880s. She’s at the center of my winning play, The Art of the Matter.

Madame X

The setting: a gallery of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The set-up:  Madame X walks out of the painting.

To be determined: Madame X tries to settle some issues with her portraitist, John Singer Sargent while Leona’s lover, Paul pleads his own case.

My winning 10-minute play, The Art of the Matter, is being produced at 6th St Playhouse – in the Studio from June 27th to June 30th.

Seven 10-minute plays won the honor to be at the center of the Short and Long of It Play Festival. Please visit the Playhouse website and order your tickets.

Don’t forget to come and enjoy all the plays – but vote for mine!

Thanks, Lynn Millar

Here’s a picture from my play!

Photo by Eric Chazankin

Photo by Eric Chazankin

Daily Prompt – this is a ‘misfit’ to my normal walks.

A Walk for the Future

Last Tuesday, I went for a walk with the Santa Rosa Southeast Greenway Campaign. The Greenway is a 2-mile strip of land from Hwy 12 and Hoen to Spring Lake Regional Park. Originally, it was to be an extension of Hwy 12 across Spring Lake and through Annadel State Park.

SE Santa Rosa Greenway Tour

SE Santa Rosa Greenway Tour

Continue reading