Wednesday’s Walking News: 12,000?

The heading below links to an article about this new app. I’m not young or bright enough to use, but if it encourages people to enjoy the parks – I’m all for it. Click CaliParks to access information. It looks heavy on Southern California and that more information needs to be completed, but it’s a…

Where Am I? #13

Were you all waiting until the 13th to guess #13? No maybe not. Here’s a slightly bigger view and the hint about the rock. Think sandstone (not the basalt at Annadel or Spring Lake). Where am I? Leave a comment or ask a question.

Monday’s Where Am I? #13

We’ve enjoyed some rain. Now my fancy turns to spring and summer. Where Am I? Please be more specific than Sonoma County. Inland, outland, up or down. Where am I? The picture is very specific, but think about where that rock and flowers could be. Lucky 13 anyone? Leave a comment.

Thursday’s Song: Walk On

Here’s Walk On by U2 – per a new subscriber’s request. Interesting video and words that seem to start personal and go somewhere else – Aung San Suu Kyi at end of video. What is your ‘walk’ song? Leave a comment with song and singer if you have a preference.

Where Am I? #12 Winner

I believe Patricia was the earliest and closest. Many knew the place, but… The West County Trail goes from Sebastopol to Forestville. This picture is taken from near Green Valley Rd in Graton in the summer. The boardwalk is over the Atascadero Creek. It can be very slick with silt when the creek has flooded.…