Thursday’s Song: Don’t Walk Away

Must be something about the 1980s and the word “Walk” in the title. Here’s Rick Springfield in concert – singer and soap opera star – singing Don’t Walk Away. If you  are getting this via email or phone, you may need to click on the post heading to access the video.

Where Am I? #35 Winner

Congratulations Ann! This is a new dog park with a few people trails next to Friedman’s in Petaluma between Hwy 101 and N McDowell Rd. Petaluma has a number of dog parks and we’ve done a couple of posts, most with people/dog walks too. More dog walks.    

Thursday’s Song: Camel Walk

This is undoubtedly the strangest song and video yet. Just so you know, I always check the words for vulgarity, I can only suspect these words mean something else in the best of rock and roll obscureness  but you be the judge. I can’t figure it out. Here’s Southern Culture on the Skids with Camel…

Where Am I? #35

Here’s this week’s challenge. Do you know it right away? Or do you have to think about: Cars, creek, dogs, general environment… Leave a guess in comments.

Where Am I? #34

After some promoting on Facebook, Kendra finally answered correctly. Congratulations, Kendra! This is the Hunter Creek Trail – Hunter Creek in the foreground and Todd Creek coming in. Kendra says it’s not so wet right now. If I showed you the view the other way, would you recognize it? That’s Friedman Brothers on Santa Rosa…