Walking at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

We spent a day at San Diego Zoo Safari Park, formerly named Wild Animal Park in Escondido, Ca. On a weekday in February it was not too crowded. The cool weather improved animal activity.

We walked for a couple of miles on paved or dirt paths with some boardwalks. We wandered around lagoons, through aviaries and up the hill through a pine forest to the  Baja Garden. Some of these places we had to ourselves. Or it was just us and the birds and wild animals.

We saw many birds, though they didn’t behave for pictures. We found animals in nooks and crannies, if we took the time to look. The tram ride around the large enclosures provided access to see the bigger animals. The zoo does much research and breeding work to provide a haven for these animals and ongoing generations.

There are benches around the park. Near the stores and food stations there are comfortable chairs. We sat in the afternoon sun and put up our feet. The food was decent and not of the usual price-gouging rate of many parks.

Parking and entrance fee are pricey for us, but we’re happy we went. We had a true safari – or journey of soul and mind.

See you on the trail!

Lynn Millar

Photos by Mike Millar

We’ll show you Torrey Pines soon. Visit Balboa Park for more San Diego.

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