Lake Suttonfield from Sonoma Valley Regional

We went to Sonoma Valley Regional Park on a hazy ‘70s LA kind of day on a recent Sunday. Waiting for us was a Great Blue Heron standing under the trees. Maybe he was tired of fish and thought he’d try gophers.

Out of character for us, we climbed a hill, went down a hill and up a dam to walk around the lovely Lake Suttonfield.

Lake Suttonfield

On the slow trek, we enjoyed the yellow Mariposa Lilies and Klamath Weed, purple Itherial Spears and spotting a small pond with an active croaker.

We worked our way around the lake mostly in the shade of oaks, willows and Madrone. The clear lake water revealed small perch. There’s much to spot here between turtles on logs, California Honeysuckle in a complicated bloom, Blue-Eyed Grass and trying to spot the woodpeckers overhead.

See you on the trail!

Lynn Millar

Photos by Mike Millar

Click for our other walks at Sonoma Valley Regional: In fog or in sun.

Time is short to buy your Regional Park pass for the annual deal. Hurry, there are so many wonderful parks!

Watch out for Ticks  and poison oak.

Dogs on leash on the trail or on the loose at Liz Perrone Dog Park near the parking lot. Trails open for horseback riding. We saw several fishermen and some 4″ perch at the lake.

Trail to Lake Suttonfield

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