More Like Hiking at Annadel State Park

One would think we couldn’t have missed a 5,000 acre park on the Eastside of Santa Rosa. It’s not so much that we’ve forgotten it as it’s too darn mountainous for us. The trails have such names as Rough-Go, which I slid down many years ago.

However, I appreciate that it is there and that it provides space for both wildlife and recreation. Annadel continues a line of parks from Howarth Park and Spring Lake for 15 miles. It is a particular joy to bicyclists and runners, though hikers and horseback riders use it too.

During the week it is closed Tues. through Thurs. and is under threat of closing altogether due to budget cuts. The State has assessed the Parks by their use. Many people use Annadel, but they don’t pay for it. They bike or run to get to it. Northern California seems to be losing out on State Parks use, because we don’t have that many people. Imagine that this gem and nearby Jack London State Historic Park are slated for closing?

Annadel Trail

Last Monday, after a pancake breakfast in Kenwood to celebrate the 4th, we decided to check out the backside of Annadel from Lawndale Rd. (off Hwy 12 in the Sonoma Valley).

After a short climb uphill on an eroded path (one of the other kinds of issues for Annadel) the trail almost leveled out. Much of the trail was covered with shade from oaks, Madrone and the occasional Buckeye, as it continued uphill.

We didn’t get very far, due to the heat and the happy insects.  But there are 40 miles of trails in Annadel through woods, and meadows. There is a lake and vistas are another added joy of climbing up a hill.

No dogs except at the Channel Drive parking lot. One of the few flat walking areas, you don’t have to climb a hill to get to.

Support your state parks. Buy a pass.

Here’s a good trail map even if some information is dated.

See you on the trail! Just maybe not this one. Pictured here are some fine vistas, but most of this trail is in the woods with no view. Visit our walk at the easier Spring Lake Regional Park.

Lynn Millar

Photos by Mike Millar

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