Walking at Riverfront Park

I hadn’t visited Riverfront Regional Park in a while. Mike has. Our new dog, Cole hasn’t visited any park, so it was time to go to Windsor.

Riverfront Lake Wilson

This is a good summertime park, as the picnic area under the redwoods is cool and dark and the trail around one of the three lakes is dry. Things can get a bit muddy in the winter. One section of the trail where Lake Benoist and Russian River interact can be impassable. Mike encouraged me to travel across the boulders, once.

Riverfront dam

We set off on the wide dirt trail past the redwoods until we came near Lake Benoist. The picnic ground was planted three years ago and is now a lush spot. I realize one was taken in March and one in May, but the trees and bushes have grown up.

Before and after picture of Riverfront

Walking on the trail between the lake and the river, we heard many birds singing in the walnut trees.

Last fall, the trail near the dam was redone. In winter, one had to rock climb, get wet or turn back. Apparently, the winter rains undid the trail.

Riverfront eroded trail

We climbed around and then stopped for a view of the lake and Mt. St. Helena. The lakes are former gravel pits. That’s an image I can forget until I notice the lack of ducks. The lake’s too deep to interest them. But the lakes are stocked with bass for fishing.

The next part of the trail is lush with various berry bushes, including twinberry. Poison oak and spice bushes were in bloom or near bloom.

Spice bush
Spice Bush

Riverfront Twinberry

Riverfront Poison Oak
Poison Oak

Wild Rose with bee
Wild Rose with bee

Overhead, we could hear some godawful squawking. Heron vocals are not what come to mind with the words, ‘bird song’. Signs asked us to not disturb the rookery. Guess, they don’t like our noise either.

We finished our 2-mile loop in the shade of the redwoods. There is a short loop uphill near the picnic grounds. Hills are not my style, but maybe I’ll do it one day to see what it’s like.

See you on the trail!

Lynn Millar

Photos by Mike Millar

$7 per vehicle, buy a pass!  It’s such a deal and the parks need all the help they can get. Maybe it’s a new thing or a Memorial Day effort, but two young people were taking fees or checking passes.

Dogs okay on leash. Horses okay. Bass fishing. Picnic areas. Volleyball courts, horseshoe pit. Water fountain. Flush toilet.

See our previous post on Riverfront Regional Park.

Cole at Riverfront
Our new walking companion, Cole.

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