What’s New in Walking

Guest Post on Frogmom

Recently, Laure Latham of Frogmom asked me to do an article on her website combining flat walks and wineries. She wanted to introduce her readers to the beauty of Sonoma County. This first post is about walks in the Sonoma Valley. Another article on more walks and wineries will be coming soon. Click here for the article and be sure to check out her site for fun in the Bay Area and beyond.

Sonoma Walk/Bike Trail

New Pages

I have added a few new pages – and I’m working on more. On the menus is now a Find a Walk page where you can tell me where, for how long or any requirements you have for a walk – and I’ll email you with some specific suggestions.

On the right sidebar is a page with several walks on the Kortum Trail and another page for more walks around Bodega Bay.

Above Wright's Beach

Hope you find this useful. You can use the general search and categories, but these new pages should focus you on the best choices.

Don’t forget to join me Saturday, July 21st, 10 AM at Ellis Creek.

Lynn Millar

photos by Mike Millar

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