It Only Seems Like an All Riverfront Park Website

We walked at Riverfront Regional Park in June and a few days ago I put up some pictures of trail problems there, BUT…

The next Y walk is Saturday, August 18th, 10AM at Riverfront Park. The trail is repaired and I hope to have a ranger with us. We’ll make a 2-mile loop around Lake Benoist. I like to start on the sunny riparian trail near the river and come back in the shade of the redwoods. At the far end of the lake is a great view of Mt. St. Helena.

Walk is free and open to all, Y member or not. Since it’s a Regional Park, there’s a $7 parking fee – or use your annual pass. (What a deal! 45+ parks for one small fee.) Riverfront is at 7821 Eastside Rd in Windsor, though the post office thinks it’s in Healdsburg. Water fountain and bathroom available a lovely picnic grounds under the redwoods. Wear good shoes and a hat. Put on your sunscreen and we’re good to go.

See you Saturday – Lynn

Lake Benoist - Riverfront Regional Park

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4 thoughts on “It Only Seems Like an All Riverfront Park Website

  1. Riverfront is one of our favorite walks and we also have watched the rise and fall of the trail repair. We’ll see how it holds up during the rainy season, but regardless, it’s a beautiful area. Thanks for all your hard work and walking!

    • It is a seasonal place and challenge, isn’t it. A little muddy from winter to spring. Dusty in summer. But overall, it’s improved. Love to see a heron fly over the lake. I appreciate your comment and your visit. – Lynn

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