Get Walking with Walkabouters

Monday, on a cool sunny evening, I had to dash up Hawk Ridge Trail at Crane Creek Regional Park to try to catch the Senior Walkabouters. I’d recently found them on the Internet and wanted to see them in action.

I don’t dash well, but it was a gorgeous light coming over the hill onto the blond grasses. The buckeyes that were in bloom in June are now fat with seeds. Kites hovered looking for dinner. While I’m a morning walker, for a change an evening walk was a thrill.

At the far turn in the big loop skirting the park, we’d caught up with the last of the walkers. When they headed up another hill, we took a shortcut back to the parking lot and waited.

Crane Creek Buckeye

They are a determined and dedicated group. Starting only a few months ago, most of them now feel they are in good shape to move from beginner to intermediate walkers.

They alternate weeks walking at Helen Putnam and Foothill Regional Parks for a Butt Walk. They walk other places Monday and Wednesday evenings and on weekends they take longer hikes at places such as Pomo Canyon. Weekdays will find them along the Prince Memorial Parkway. Sunday, they are celebrating their achievements with a picnic and hike at Angel Island.

I encourage you to check them out and sign on for one of their walks. Join any walk you want, as often as you want. They certainly know their way around. Word has it that they may start another group for us slower walkers.

As Wendy Cromwell, who started the group says, “Whether you need to lose weight, need to get healthier, or just want to meet other “seniors” – this is the place for you! Open to singles, married, straights & gays! I just prefer people in a similar age group only because we will never walk as fast as a 20 year old!  But, if you are young (or just young at heart) and want to walk, feel free to join us.”

Find them on at

See you on the trail!

Lynn Millar

Photo by Mike Millar

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