Did you know? Could you do me a favor?

Did you know?

You can access links to the best Kortum Trail, Bodega Bay, North Coast and North Sonoma County walks? On the right-hand side of the website under Find More Walks, click on one of them and then select one of the walks. (Or click on the underlined words here.) There will be more areas soon.

You can click on Find a Walk, here or on the website’s header, tell me some information about where you’d like to walk and I will email a special walk just for you. If you identify Sonoma County – I can give you great detail. If you choose the Bay Area, the details may be less and if it’s in other parts of California and beyond, it may be less from personal experience. But I’ll try my best to find you a place.

Could you do me a favor?

Simple one: At the bottom of each post and page is a little button, Share. If you click on the down arrow, you can share the post/page via email, Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc. Please use it when you want to pass on the information. Thanks!

Harder one: Those of us blogging are always looking for ways to reach people. WordPress, Google and Alexa¬† tell me in a general way how I’m doing. Some of you leave comments – that I much appreciate. Some of you subscribe – I’m almost at 100. People find me through Facebook and Twitter. But could you write a review of my site on Alexa? If you can write lots of detail, it would be most useful to me.

If you are a blogger and write a review for me, I will return the favor. (Leave me a comment here, so I know where to find you.) If you are not a blogger, I’ll have to think of something? Any ideas.

Please visit Alexa at http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/backtowalking.wordpress.com. Click on the Stars and then on Write a Review. After a few questions or choices, there’s an area to leave a comment. Choose Recommend (or Not, really?) and then Submit.

Thank you, thank you. I hope you find my site most useful for finding a great place to walk.

Lynn Millar

Lend this woman a hand.Lynn Millar at Riverfront

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