Another Short Walk and Long Lunch

Time to go to the ocean again. We thought we could take a short walk at Salmon Creek – but the signs told us “no dogs” on beach.

Back in the car down Hwy 1. Now, we had a good sign – the Bodega Bay Farmers Market was open. We even had our empty jam jar from last year’s market. We drove over lumpy ground and made our way behind the Community Center. We bought new jam, from another vendor, though she took the jar for deposit. I missed out on the last of the Caprese (cheese). We bought 2 individual pizzas and a peanut butter cookie from Raymond’s Bakery.

Bodega Bay Farmers Market Jam

Before we left, we visited the Bell Memorial to Nicholas Green. Nicholas, at age 7, was shot in Italy in by highway robbers. After his parents donated his organs, the people of Italy donated 140 bells in thanks for that gift of life. Please stop and offer your thoughts and wishes for all children.

Nicholas Green Bell Memoiral

We knew dogs were welcome at Doran Beach Regional Park, so we continued on the road and stopped at an area with benches near the road.

Doran Beach at Bodega Bay

We broke pizza bread; watched people; tried to see across the bay to Tomales Point. What a spot for lunch.

When we bit into the peanut butter cookie, we looked at each other, checked the time. Dang, the market was closed, we couldn’t go back and get another cookie.

Colors of Doran Beach

What a fine place for lunch! Practically perfect.

Words by Lynn Millar

Photos by Mike Millar

Tomatoes at Bodega Bay Farm

Published by Lynn Millar

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