Walking (or is it breakfast) in Suisun City

Seems that when we plan a trip to Sacramento, it now involves a stop in Suisun City for breakfast.

Suisun Slough

But a stroll along the waterfront or a more adventurous walk into the Suisun Marsh is possible. We did stroll, but due to plans in Sacramento on the same day, we only peered down the dirt path along Peytonia Slough.

Suisun Slough view to Mt Diablo

Suisun City is situated on the Suisun Slough, a waterway that links to San Pablo Bay past the Carquinez Bridge and then to San Francisco Bay. Much of downtown Suisun City has been restored. Paths along the water provide a couple of miles from the public boat launch on one side of the slough over to City Hall and the Solano Yacht Club on the other.

Suisun City Hall

Perfect flat walk with Mount Diablo in the distance. Just the way I like my mountains.

Suisun City Boats with Mt Diablo

We walked past the boat launch and entered the Suisun Wildlife Center. Since 1987 they have rescued and released over 10,000 birds and animals. They have a few animals, who can not be released into the wild, like this kestrel.

Kestral at Wildlife Center Suisun City

Near there is access to the Peytonia Slough. Click here for a map of the area. Other islands are also accessible in the area.

History of Suisun City is highly suspect and repetitive on the Internet. May be true or not. Most sources agree that the town was founded in 1850, flourished with water trade of wheat on the slough to Suisun Bay that connects to San Francisco Bay.

Never mind the Native Suisunes or the elk who lived in the area before a couple of white guys showed up. Internet can’t agree on who those guys were – or was it that 2 guys stole it from 2 other guys in the 1850s.

Then the history is vague for 100 years until the town grew a lot in the 1960s and 70s. Train came through at some point. The air base in Fairfield (and I would guess the dividing line of  Hwy 12) saw the city decline.

Last time we visited, a fisherman told us there used to be a refinery at the turnaround on the slough near downtown.  Can’t prove that on the Internet.

But the water front is restored with housing, shops, restaurants, boat ramps, yacht harbor and city hall. The people are uncommonly friendly in a town we find most charming. Just wish it wasn’t so hot in the summer.

Suisun City walking

Our last visit.

Our next visit? Peytonia Slough. It’s It factory outlet! More overeating at Babs Delta Diner.

Words by Lynn Millar

Photos by Mike Millar

Babs Delat Diner

Published by Lynn Millar

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