All the Way to Half Moon Bay

I know it may seem lame – a half moon in Half Moon Bay. But there it was the morning after a night in Half Moon Bay. The previous day we had stopped at San Pedro Valley Park and Pillar Point. This day started with a tour of town, before breakfast and then a visit to the state beach.

Half Moon in Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay State Beach

Half Moon Bay State Beach 2 trails

Across Hwy 1 from downtown Half Moon Bay on Kelly Ave. is the State Beach. Access to the Coastside Trail is here. The day before we were on the trail at Pillar Pt. – 4 miles away. It’s a wide trail for people, dogs and bicyclists (horses on the other side).

It was a calm morning, but in some places I could see that a trail sheltered by the dunes could help on a windy day. We crossed Pilarcitos Creek on a lovely noisy bridge.

Bike Path Bridge

We walked in a wetland area for a while and noticed houses farther inland. Wondered how much ocean and beach they could see. We came to another parking lot, but I think the access is closed what with the state budget cuts. The bathroom was locked and abused.

Waddling over the dunes, I noticed much of the area is protected for the Western Snowy Plover. We could get a view back to Pillar Pt.

Creek at Half Moon Bay

And of this lonely hunter.

Blue Heron at Half Moon Bay

We returned on the paved trail to where we entered. For early October the campground was about half full. We debated whether we’d want a view of the water or some wind protections. By campground, I mean two tents and many full-sized pull-along homes.

Hauling the beach chairs out of the car, we set them up on the bluff. When we had first parked, the beach was almost empty and pristine. Now a hundred kids played hard, while many adults watched or prepared food for the coming hoards.

Field trip to Half Moon Bay

It was an warm day and we all were having a great day at the ocean. Oh yeah, there were surfers.

Half Moon Bay Surfer

A tour around downtown – Half Moon Bay

San Benito House - Half Moon Bay
San Benito House where we stayed
Half Moon Bay - restaurant wall

Half Moon Bay Mural of Mavericks
Mural of the Mavericks
Half Moon Bay shops
 Half Moon Bay church  Fish Stop Wall

It was a great couple of days with beautiful warm fall weather.

Half Moon Bay State Beach – 95 Kelly Ave HMB, CA Open 8 am to sunset for day use. Annual pass or $8(? maybe $10 – not listed on their site). Camping also available. Visitor Center open when volunteer available.

Words by Lynn Millar

Photos by Mike Millar

On the way home, we stopped at Montara State Beach.

Montara State Beach

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