10 More Things to Do on a Rainy Day

My son called at 6am this morning to do a flood warning check-in. His roof was leaking. He was going to take the dog to work and later stay with a friend. His road would be flooded though his house stood high on a hill.

Get out of town: This means you have a car and money. Or friends or family who live elsewhere. Something we seemed to have forgotten when people where stuck under Hurricane Katrina’s wrath or when traffic jams packed the roads to escape. It may be physically and financially hard to catch a bus to____.

Flood at Guerneville 2005

Have supplies on hand: Easy perhaps for all you Costco shoppers. I’ve had a disaster kit in my car since Katrina. Hurricane Sandy reminded me to change the water supply. But I’ve forgotten dog food.

Figure out how to put both the dog and the cat in the escape vehicle: Perhaps they’ve found peace in separate rooms in the house, but will they ride together without crates?

Appreciate your watershed: We live in the Laguna de Santa Rosa. Most of the time that doesn’t mean much. But it drains 184 square miles where rainwater fills the creeks (many part of a flood control system) that fills the main 14-mile channel of the Laguna that fills the Russian River. A series of storms as we’re having right now predicts that the river will peak in Guerneville, just below flood stage tomorrow morning.

Egret in Santa Rosa Creek

Attend your alternate power sources: Natural disasters often breed human disasters. Pay attention to your candles; don’t try to be MacGyver or re-enact something from Mythbuster or Duck Dynasty.

Watch sunny shows: A golf tournament in Dubai (even if there shouldn’t be anything green), It Always Sunny in Philadelphia (okay they’re in a bar), Empire of the Sun, A Place in the Sun (no that’s depressing). Well, you know what I mean. Maybe surfing movies.

Go to a bar/coffee shop: They do abound everywhere. Cafes are good at letting you sit and stare at your phone or laptop.

Go to a Museum: We went to the DeYoung yesterday and saw a couple of great exhibits. Best of all it wasn’t crowded so we could actually see the artwork. Guess when it really rains everyone stays home.

Go for a walk: Not at the mall, but find a place with some tree shelter, dress appropriately. If not windy, use your umbrella. If it is windy, the umbrella could be entertaining.

Spring Lake

Read our previous post on rain: Somehow, I think every business is still in business except the teashop in Graton. Click 10 Things to do on a Rainy Day

See you on the trail!

Words and first picture (from phone in 2005) by Lynn Millar.

Other photos by Mike Millar

Meanwhile back to walking…


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