More Gifts of the Great Outdoors

Happy Holidays to all. If you enjoy the great outdoors, you have something to celebrate every day. Here are some more ways to enjoy and pass it on.

Salt Point State Park

Free: (Yes, Free!)

    • Join me on a monthly walk sponsored by the Sonoma County Family Y. In January, join us at Place to Play for a walk along Santa Rosa Creek. It should be rip-roaring. For more details, click Groups and Other Walks.
    • If you don’t already subscribe, please do. Or sign up a friend for a free subscription – you’ll have to tell them so when WordPress sends an email, he or she say will say, “Yes, I want this subscription.”
    • Want a specially designed walk Sonoma County? Use the Find A Walk form fill in as much information as possible and I’ll email you a walk (or two). Click Find a Walk.
Armstrong Woods

 $23 to 195 (What a Deal!)

  • Sonoma County Regional Parks gift card $69 for 49 parks or 9000 acres & other goodies. Click Regional Parks Pass. If buying for yourself – and 60+ for $39. or permanently disabled for $23.
  • California State Parks have a number of pass offers. Basic pass is $125. But there are a number of options on their website. Click State Park Pass.
Lake Suttonfield

$1 – a gazillion (Do you have that much?)

A number of fine organizations help provide access to parks, maintain trails and have numerous educational opportunities. Some have membership dues. All could use your volunteer efforts and money donations.

  • Coastwalk: Click Coastwalk for membership $30-200. and more information.
  • Creek Stewards: Click Santa Rosa Creek to help them with your time and take care of the creek.
  • Laguana Foundation: Click Laguna to find out how you might help them care for the Laguna de Santa Rosa.
  • Landpaths: Click Landpaths to find out all the places they cover  in Sonoma County.
  • Sonoma Land Trust: It takes more than a village to have open land and parks. Click on Sonoma Land Trust.
  • Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods: One of the groups keeping our State Parks open. Click on Stewards.
  • Valley of the Moon Natural History: This  group  now manages Jack London State Historic Park (click JLSHP). Please help keep one of my favorite parks open.
  • If you have your favorite outdoor group and I’ve missed them, please let me know.
Ellis Creek Petaluma

Thank you for your time and your generosity.

See you on the trail!

Lynn Millar

Photos by Mike Millar

Jack London State Historic Park

Published by Lynn Millar

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