Dreams Do Come True – Walking Healdsburg Ridge

Several years ago, we walked up a steep slope to a beautiful meadow. The wildflowers were outstanding, but I didn’t have the guts for a return trip.

The lovely people at LandPaths, City of Healdsburg, and Open Space District have put in perfect zigs and zags of switchbacks. Now I can visit more often. All the trails are much improved. When we visited, not all the signage was complete. So, wander hither and thither. Just watch out for the poison oak.

Here are Mike’s recent pictures. Here’s a link to The Heights of Healdsburg three years ago.

Healdsburg Ridge trail
Healdsburg Ridge Trail

On your way up from Arabian Way (Parkland Farms development) and on your left is Fox Pond. There’s a trail around the pond.

Healdsburg Ridge Fox Pond
Fox Pond
Healdsburg Ridge bridge
Healdsburg Ridge Bridge
Healdsburg Ridge overlook
Healdsburg Ridge overlook
Russian River from Overlook
Russian River from Overlook

After making the heady hike to the overlooks, we mis-remembered the trails and went back in to the woods. Woodland flowers glowed.

Hound's Tongue
Hound’s Tongue
California Buttercups

Going back down hill, we avoided the steep paved road and stuck to the winding dirt trail.

Creek Crossing Bridge
Creek Crossing Bridge


Directions: North of Healdsburg. Turn off of Healdsburg Ave onto Parkland Farms Boulevard. In ¾ mile turn right on Bridal Path. There are some marked parking spaces. The trailhead is at the east end of Arabian Way.

Dogs: The paved paths are open to dogs on leash. Warning to you and your dog – poison oak is everywhere.

See you on the trail!

Minimum words by Lynn Millar

Photos by Mike Millar

Published by Lynn Millar

Walker, reader, writer, traveller - see About Walking

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