Wildflowers in Pacific Grove

Museum Guard

Someone’s watching you at the entrance to the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History. But it’s okay. Pay a visit to this charming museum. Mark your calendar for next April to see the wildflowers collected from all over the state. Collected samples are thanks to the California Native Plant Society.

Outside the museum is a native plant garden situated between the busy commercial Lighthouse Ave and a neighborhood of small houses.

Pacific Grove Natural History Museum garden

The garden has sun – and shade where this bleeding heart gently blooms.

Bleeding Heart

We went up to Lighthouse in search of coffee – there are several choices. We made a good choice at Fournier Bakery and found another with a bookstore called The Works.

After our museum, coffee and book adventure, we headed for the nearby ocean. We stopped past Lovers Pt and walked above the beach and next to the road, until we realized we didn’t quite stop where we wanted. Not that it wasn’t beautiful and the weather warm and sunny. Wrong stop, right place. (Possibly the right place, click Asilomar State Beach.)

Pacific Grove Coast

We were delighted with the day and glad we’d raced down to Pacific Grove to see the last day of the wildflower exhibit. Oh yeah, and visit the ocean.

Words by Lynn Millar

Pictures by Mike Millar

Pacfic Grove Museum

Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History also has exhibits of native animal, birds and insects.

For more information on native plants click the CA Native Plant Society.

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