Walking along Forestview Creek

Forestview Creek

Thanks to the creek signs Sonoma County installed several years ago, it’s easier to find a lush riparian path. Forestview Creek is just north of the shopping on the corner of Fulton and Guerneville Rds.

Forestview Creek Path

West of Fulton, Santa Rosa turns more rural with little pockets of housing – where you might see anything – like this mighty guardian.

Forestview Guardian

The level path is only just over a mile, making an ‘L’ between Fulton and Guerneville. On a warm day, this can prove enough of a walk. But we actually loved this rough piece of impacted nature. Forestview Creek merges with Peterson Creek –  just north of the highway that is Gurerneville Rd.

Old Stone Building

We decided on a death-defying run across Guerneville Rd.  I knew just where Peterson Creek connected to one of our favorites paths along Santa Rosa Creek and got to see it from a new viewpoint.

Peterson Creek Bridge at Santa Rosa Creek

In this part of the rural creek trail are vineyards, agricultural fields and horse pastures.

Vineyard View from Creek walk

It’s marvelous to find a piece of striving nature just to the west of town. Find a creek and you might find a walk.

See you on the trail!

Words by Lynn Millar

Photos by Mike Millar

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6 thoughts on “Walking along Forestview Creek

    1. Along many creeks are pathways – some of them look a little dicey and aren’t so official. Sometimes they’re just along backyards with lonely barking dogs – not so fun. But many times it’s worth it.

  1. Just walked on Forestview/Peterson Creek Trail. What was the old stone building (4th pic from the top) before it fell apart? Do you know? I love history as much as walking.

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