A Walk at a Secret Garden

North of Jenner, CA along Highway 1 are several pullouts. In some places, there’s an overlook to the harbor seals sprawled on the beach near the mouth of the Russian River. (Sometimes, the mouth is closed.) In some places, there are closed access points to the State Parks. (Why? I don’t know, but makes me angry on so many levels. People use them anyway.)

And in some places, there’s only parking for a couple of cars. My favorite is a clifftop that provides a short walk and a gorgeous garden, with ocean view.

Rocky North Coast

Daisies and Paintbrush

In this picture looking north, the ridge-line in the mist looks like a skyline. Click on the picture to see it better – or use your imagination.

North Coast Mist

The flowers abound in the meadow and down the slopes. As the season changes along the coast the blooms change. From one spot along the coast from Bodega Bay to Gualala the mix of flowers change. Wow, April to August, don’t miss the coast – fog or not.

North Coast Flowers

Seaside Daisies and Blue-eyed Grass

Mike’s photo below makes this area looks like it could almost be any place in the world (with a coast of cliffs). Do you know where it is?

Coastal Bluffs

See you on the trail!

Words by Lynn Millar

Photos by Mike Millar

Published by Lynn Millar

Walker, reader, writer, traveller - see About Walking

4 thoughts on “A Walk at a Secret Garden

  1. Love the beach, love the flowers. How can I not love this walk. It’s been too long since my last visit. I plan to fit this into my summer. Thanks.

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