Daily Promt: Origin Story

Why I Started this all?

I started to write Walking in Sonoma County…mostly at backtowalking.wordpress.com because I was spending my spare time walking and I wanted to share these paths with others.

Walking by the ocean was easy.

View North above Wrights Beach

But this simple walk along Santa Rosa Creek, probably launched the blog idea.

Santa Rosa Creek at Willowside

Sonoma County is a wonderful place to walk. The blog focuses on short flat walks, but most trails lead to hikes that are more vigorous. Paths are filled with the beauty of nature from the Sonoma Coast to the Sonoma Valley. A few times they have been as ugly as walking along the freeway, but all is revealed.

While the goal of walking and sharing has remained the same after 3 ½ years, there have been issues.

Some people say they don’t have time to walk. Huh? That’s the point. The walks are short – perfect for busy people or tourists.

Some people say they can’t hike. No. That’s it – they’re short flat walks.

What’s changed? As it seems many people come to look at the pictures, the posts are shorter.

Pictures and simple directions are hopefully enough. Each walk describes trail conditions, what trees, flowers and birds one might encounter and the best seasons for certain places – don’t miss the wildflowers above Wright’s Beach in May.

And more information like: Where’s the nearest bathroom, coffee and other exploring opportunities? Information about biking, horseback riding, fishing, or a longer hike. Wheelchair access is indicated.

When we travel outside Sonoma County, we find the flat places to walk from San Diego to Yosemite to Redding.

Next Step: creating a website about where to find the best flat walk for you! (In the meantime, you can fill out a form on Find a Walk for your custom walk in Sonoma County.)

Tell me where you would like to walk. Leave a comment below.

Thanks, Lynn

Laguna de Santa Rosa in fall


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4 thoughts on “Daily Promt: Origin Story

  1. Wow, just discovered your blog — thank you! I’ll keep reading. I keep looking for a decent iPhone app that can tell me what walking trails I’m near, to no avail. Any advice?

    1. Welcome. Great question. Not the best answer. Here are some possibilities. You can explore my website for areas you want to walk. Keep an eye out for signs indicating a creek – that often come with pathways. Here’s link to Santa Rosa creeks. Try a listing of Regional Parks or ‘search’ for Trails on their website. Or the State Parks app. (Heard it’s not too informative.) Or try ‘Everytrail‘ – don’t know if it will find you a trail but it will keep track of you while your there. Let me know how these work for you. Have a great walk. – Lynn

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