Winery Walks: Kendall-Jackson

For short flat walks, wineries can provide beautiful gardens, vistas and charming if sometime kitschy architecture for your viewing pleasure.

With over 300 wineries in Sonoma County, we won’t cover all of them – but we will display some of our favorite gardens. Some are walks on their own and some are near places we like to walk.

This imposing Kendall-Jackson Winery is off of Fulton Rd. north of Santa Rosa, CA. Its gardens provide their own walk.

Winery Gardens Kendall Jackson

Formal gardens with fountains, lawn and roses are near the building.

Kendall Jackson Garden Gazebo

A Culinary Garden flourishes with flowers, small beds of herbs, and rows of vegetables. Purples, oranges and reds vibrated in a flower bed. Garish purple lettuce matched up against yellowish green leaves.

Winery Gardens KJ Vegetables

Flowers or vegetables are grown to a profusion of colors.

Winery Gardens KJ Flower Gardens

Beyond this garden is a grove a walnut trees. I find it a peaceful spot, even with Hwy 101 nearby.

For more information, click on Wine Estate Gardens. They have a tomato festival on September 28th

For a nearby more vigorous walk, try  Shiloh Ranch Regional Park or Foothill Regional Park  or for an easier 2 mile hike, try Riverfront.


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2 thoughts on “Winery Walks: Kendall-Jackson

  1. That would be a pretty place for a walk.
    I really like the last photo! Beautiful!
    With all of the walking/hiking places in your area, there is just no excuse for anyone to not get out and walk.

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