Walk in the Garden – August Version

Actually, we walk in our community garden every other day. It deserves our care and our remembering. If I can’t give you squash – how about some pictures?

The lettuce was prolific but done. I’ve got a couple more salads to go. Many other garden plots look spent except for the flowers.

Vegetable and flower garden

The tomato leaves peel back to reveal the fruit waiting to turn. Soon we’ll have too many.

Green tomato

The pumpkins are still going, but these two finished early. The peppers did better this year, but still small and a bit bitter.

Pumpkins and pepper

We only got one huge stalk of sunflowers and other gardeners have flowery towers. Many flowers were peeking out of the huge squash leaves, including this sunflower.

Sunflower among the squash

We had tons of crooked neck squash – absolutely delicious. Lately they taken to shooting tiny spires of squash.


Another gardener has huge weepy sunflowers – full of seeds – but the birds are starting to take their share.

Sunflower head

Hope your garden is doing well and that you take a walk just to admire the cycle of growing.

Words and pictures by Lynn Millar


Published by Lynn Millar

Walker, reader, writer, traveller - see About Walking

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