Winery Walks: Lynmar Estate

For short flat walks, wineries can provide beautiful gardens, vistas and charming if sometime kitschy architecture for your viewing pleasure.

Near Graton and Sebastopol you will see many wineries along Hwy 116. However if you turn on Frei Rd, you’ll find this gem – Lynmar Estates.

Lynmar Estates Garden

LynMar specializes in chardonnay and pinot noir. Also, they work hard to create environmentally sensitive vineyards and gardens situated overlooking the vital Laguna de Santa Rosa.

LynMar Estates Garden View

You can take a garden tour or just sit on the patio and enjoy a pairing of lunch and wine.

Lynmar Veggie Garden

I don’t see it on the current calendar, but we took a guided tour a couple of years ago that went by the vineyard hedgerows  – and to my favorite spot, the seed shed.

Lynmar Estate Seed Shed

For another walk go to the town of Graton. At the west end of town – it’s only a block long – is access to the West County Trail. This popular trail goes from Forestville, through Sebastopol and hooks up with Joe Rodota Trail straight to Santa Rosa.

I like it best in Graton, because I get a feel of bygone or almost bygone industries of wine and apple processing. Also, I can enjoy current day vineyards, horse pastures and meadows. This mostly paved path sometimes takes the route of the old trainbed for the Petaluma and Santa Rosa Railway. It also zigzags on roads and I have to keep a head up for cars. A path popular with bicyclists, it also pays to keep a heads up on the trail.

For our take on this walk, please click West County Trail.

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