Winery Walks: Bartholomew Park Winery

For short flat walks, wineries can provide beautiful gardens, vistas and charming if sometime kitschy architecture for your viewing pleasure.

With sixteen tasting rooms around Sonoma Plaza you could get pretty drunk before ever visiting a winery. Might I suggest first a trip to the gardens near Bartholomew Park Winery. off 7th St. East.

You can picnic near the winery.

Bartholomew pond

Or stroll through the flat area of Bartholomew Memorial Park that encircles the winery.

Bartholomew Memorial Park

Or climb a hill where you can get a view of the Bay. Trail is about 3 miles, though a few offshoots cover this 400 acre park.

Bartholomew Park view

Sonoma Plaza centerpiece is the City Hall. Enjoy the shops and restaurants around the square or just relish the shade in this gorgeous town square.

Sonoma City Hall

Behind the plaza are Depot Park and a paved trail heading west, one of the flattest walks in Sonoma County and a popular bike trail for locals to get from one part of town to another. A slight detour up a tree-lined road is Vallejo’s winter home. His Victorian house is part of the State Park that includes access to the barracks, other historical buildings on the plaza and his summer home at the Petaluma Adobe.

Depot Museum Sonoma

For our trip to around the winery, please click Bartholomew. Or click Sonoma’s Flattest Walk for a tour north of town.

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