Strolling in Port Townsend

We raced through Oregon and Washington, going up the Olympic Peninsula. Missed the joys of Seattle on a Friday afternoon. Darn.

Driving Hwy 101 is reminiscent of driving around Lake Tahoe, though better. Trees and water abound. Few houses interrupt the landscape. And they are not gigantic show pieces, but houses real people might live in.

Our destination was Port Townsend and a ferry to Whidbey Island. We had time to eat and walk the main street of town.

Minipark in Port Townsend

Port Townsend shared a timeline similar to Jacksonville, Oregon. Founded in 1851, with a heyday of lumber until the railroad moved out. Today, we get to enjoy a Victorian town with lively restaurants and shops.

Street to Water Pt Townsend

The water is ever present and many small parks line the main street. We strolled down one side of the street to the yacht harbor.

Cupola House Pt Townsend Pt Hudson

And back the other. Our dog checked out each store from the doorway. Said ‘thanks’ and then drank from the water bowl. Port Townsend is a very dog-friendly town. It also has a bookstore and buskers.

Pt Townsend Buskers

We ate at the Nifty-Fifty, a fun spot to watch the water and the people. We devoured our sandwiches and admired others taking on root beer floats and sundaes. (Dogs are fine outside.)

restaurant in Port Townsend

The sea makes one think about travelling.

Travel thoughts

Even when travelling by ferry, we still study the quest.

Travelling thoughts

We found a possible boat – at least to dream on.

Port Townsend boats

Or maybe this one.

Port Townsend waterfront

Words by Lynn Millar, Photos by Mike MIllar copyright 2013. Pictures available upon request.

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