Oregon Coast: Beaches and Boardwalks, Part I

We’d read about some places along the coast and wanted to see the seaside towns across from Salem and Eugene, Oregon. We were continuing south from our visit to Washington.

After a peaceful day in Tillamook, we weren’t prepared for the bustle of Lincoln City nor of Newport. There is a flat wide beach at Lincoln City – but town was soooo crowded. Maybe the weekenders had arrived early.

Nearest park to Lincoln City: Click Devils Lake State Park. Best for boating, fishing and camping.

Many parks around Newport: North, click Yaquina State Recreation Area. More beach. Or south, click South Beach State Park.



Waldport Alsea Bay

Newport was bigger than we thought it would be.  Escaping across the bridge to Waldport was a huge relief.  The town is situated on the Alsea Bay. Right after the bridge is the Alsea Interpretive Center and a lovely spot of beach and water. Clamming and crabbing lessons available.

Waldport Beach

Inland over the Suislaw National Forest is Corvallis. We stayed with the ocean.


Heceta Head Lighthouse

Our next stop was the Heceta Head Lighthouse. I think it’s a law you have to stop here. Pictures of the lighthouse are iconic Oregon coast. Except for the ones with 500′ high dunes.

Heceta Head Lighthouse

We took a short walk on the beach, climbing over some dunes. Hiking to the lighthouse is short but uphill. There are seven more miles of trails in the area.

Heceta Head Beach

Frankly, it looked a lot like California!

Heceta Cape Creek Bridge



In Florence, Oregon, I found my people. You know, people who like to go to restaurants and small shops, loll around parks and enjoy the waterfront.

Florence mini-park

Situated on the Suislaw River, the Oregon-style dunes loom on the other side.

Suislaw River at Florence

The Old Town section provides boardwalk by the harbor and sidewalk by cafes, shops and parks.

Florence Old Town

Florence Boat Harbor

Florence park


Florence Boardwalk

Florence is west of Eugene, Oregon – another plus to visit here again.

South of town is Honeyman Memorial State Park where you can really roll around in the dunes.
It’s 2 miles to the ocean over the dunes. It also has a couple of lakes and year-round camping.

Florence Bridge
Bridge at Florence, Oregon


Words by Lynn Millar, Photos by Mike Millar copyright 2013, available upon request.

This picture was taken at Heceta Head where some of the beach looked like the perfect backsplash – smooth rounded stones not stacked like they were on some Washington beaches.

Heceta Head Stones

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8 thoughts on “Oregon Coast: Beaches and Boardwalks, Part I

  1. Capturing my adopted state once again is wonderful? I haven’t been to some of these beaches yet!!! And yes…it’s not so different from CA. It’s why I moved here. But I’m further away from the coast in Medford. But once again ..thanks to you and Mike!!!

  2. Thanks, Lynn. Love the beautiful scenery. I have a friend who lives in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Someday we’ll get up there to visit. Call me crazy, but the rock picture is my favorite.

  3. Ah. What a good trip you and your photographer are having.

    I nearly took a job once, as a waitress in Florence Oregon.

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