Walking Along the Bay in Tiburon

One of the great things about California, if you can’t walk one place, there’s another great place nearby.

Our intention was to take the ferry to Angel Island. But this seems to be a doomed trip. Parking near the ferry is a problem and then we spotted two busloads of kids getting off the bus and heading for the ferry. It made us reconsider.

We chose another section of the Bay Trail and walked for a couple of miles there.

Tiburon Flat trail near road

Just out of ‘downtown’ Tiburon we saw an entrance to the trail and parked there. This was the shady spot. Technically speaking this is the Tiburon Peninsula Historical Trail and there are interpretive signs along the way. This area was part of an 1834 land grant – the Rancho Corte Madere.

We made a slight detour to the water – Richardson Bay, just off San Francisco Bay.

Tiburon Flat trail near road

The neighborhood reminded me of a quiet Pacific Grove walk. No one was here. We could have sat and watched Mt Tamalpais, but this is a blog about walking.

Tiburon Perfect View

– Though some people prefer running and some bicycling. Parts of the trail are still in the pending state, but one can get around the bay to Sausalito or to Mt Tamalpais. Click on Bay Trail for more details. Marin County has these wide trails that allow pedestrians and runners to travel on a gentler-to-the-knees surface and bicyclists to have the smooth pavement. Makes sense and is easier for multi-use paths.

Tiburon Trail to Mt Tam

As with many trails, it sits on an old rail bed which was dug up in 1968. The Northwestern Pacific lines ran four times a day into Tiburon. Lumber to the bay and beyond.

We loved the interesting bay views from the trail. This one catches the Golden Gate Bridge over a hill that would be Sausalito. The peninsula, in front and to the left, was home of the Olson Boat Works until 1974. (The interpretive signs have some old and current view pictures.) Also in the area was the Union Fish Company that was done in by a fire in 1937. By 1942, the US Navy Net Depot was here with plenty of housing. And then it became a lush environment and well-to-do community.

Tiburon to Golden Gate Bridge

Along the bay, we saw many coots, a few Pelicans, two gulls, one grebe and one great blue heron. Not a huge birdwatching expedition, but marvelous otherwise.

Farther along are some open spaces with fishing or playgrounds. Did I mention there are bathrooms and benches along the way?

Tiburon Playground

This park is south of The Knoll. If we continued farther we would reach Blackies Pasture, where there is a larger park and safer places to park than along a busy Tiburon Boulevard.

By Car: Take Hwy 131 off of Hwy 101 Tiburon is to the East and Mill Valley is west.

Access by Bus:  Golden Gate 8, Marin Transit 119, 219

Bike Trail: #10 map

So, if you ever miss the ferry to Angel Island, you can still have a great day in Tiburon.

See you on the trail!

Words by Lynn Millar, photos by Mike Millar copyright 2013, available upon request.

Tiburon Fishing


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6 thoughts on “Walking Along the Bay in Tiburon

  1. Lynn & Mike, your posts are always a pleasure, and so informative. Ever think of making these contributions to VIA or Sunset magazine?

    1. Thanks for your thoughts. Well, I wonder why they don’t know about me. It’s on my list of things to do to get some magazine articles. — Meantime, I’m going to work on a guidebook in the month of November.

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