Windsor Neighborhood Walking

dog leash

I don’t normally recommend neighborhood walks, but much of this walk is along a mitigation area planted with native species. (Mitigation means to permit the housing development, a nature location is restored.) Most of this path is dedicated to walking with only a short section on a sidewalk and one cross street.

Windsor Trione Circle

Mike chose a convoluted way to get to this Windsor neighborhood by the Windsor Golf course. He had worked on this restoration project several years ago and still liked to walk here. Easy access: go west on Windsor River Rd, left on Windsor Rd, left on Vintage Green and left on Trione Circle.

In this first area there are tall oaks, new oak plantings, willows  and some healthy coyote bush. The asphalt path runs between the road and a creek.

Windsor Mitigation Area

It looks like the creek is well-played in, with rope swings. There was still some water flowing.

Windsor Creek

When the path turns to the right, you walk on sidewalk for a while. Then begins an asphalt path next to trees and railroad track. Planted here are Oregon ash and box elder among the oaks.

Windsor Trail

Before reaching Mitchell Ln. is a triangle of trees. I find this a charming simple woods.

Windsor Oak Triangle

After crossing Mitchell Ln., we continued on the path next to the railroad tracks. The trail ends at 18th Hole Dr.

Windsor Train Path

Stopped. Turned around. Returned.

You could walk down one of the Hole Drives and walk near the golf course to return. There’s a small park, Vintage Oaks, in the neighborhood west on Mitchell Ln.

We did a side trip to Wilson Ranch Soccer Park across the railroad tracks. It’s a City of Windsor park and besides the sports fields, there are benches, picnic tables and bathrooms.

Windor Wilson Ranch

Location: In Windsor from Hwy 101, west on Windsor River Rd, south (left) on Windsor Rd and left on Vintage Greens Drive and park in the area to your left on Trione Circle.

Distances: 2.4 miles round trip.

Elevation change: You’ll hardly notice – very gradual 2 flights of stairs over two miles.

Surface: Asphalt and sidewalk

Wheelchair: Yes.  Strollers: Yes.

Bikes:  Use the road.

At Wilson Ranch Soccer Park: benches, water, picnic tables and bathrooms.

Dogs: On a 6’ leash.

Transit: Sign at Mitchell Ln. said SCT (Rout 60) and Windsor shuttle.

See you on the Trail!


Words by Lynn Millar and Photos by Mike Millar –  available upon request.

Windsor Train Track


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