Santa Rosa to Brush Creek Walking Connection

Some of you know that the Santa Rosa and Brush Creeks meet at the Flat Rocks. This is reputed to be the birthplace of Santa Rosa.

The City of Santa Rosa just completed a wide path from Mission Blvd to the trail along Brush Creek. This picture is taken near Streamside Place off of Hwy 12 in Rincon Valley. (Mike and Cole will not always be there to greet you.)

Trailhead to new Santa Rosa Creek trail
Trailhead to new Santa Rosa Creek trail

The trail is paved and wide – a new standard for city trails? There’s a view of the mountains and the creek is well below the path.

New Santa Rosa Creek Trail
Santa Rosa Creek Trail looking northeast

Besides an easier and safer way to get around this part of town – this path provides easy access from the Mission Blvd Plaza (Muffin St and McDonalds) to the neighborhoods squeezed between the creek and Hwy 12.

Santa Rosa Creek Trail near Mission
Santa Rosa Creek Trail near Mission

As we are finding with many new trails – this one just opened last week – it has become active.

SR Creek Trail at Streamside
SR Creek Trail at Streamside

The trail at the Mission Plaza is accessible at Mission Blvd or at several places along the parking lot. The connection to Brush Creek is a pathway along Streamside Place and then Flat Rock Circle to a bridge over Brush Creek. A park along Santa Rosa Creek is still in the works (?)

For a link to our previous walk along Brush Creek (Yulupa to Montecito), please click Brush Creek.


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4 thoughts on “Santa Rosa to Brush Creek Walking Connection

  1. what should be done with a permanent camp along a path a short distance west if mission blvd. . Very near the plaza. Many times there are two or more people in the enclosure with one or more large dogs. Often alarming walkers sometimes women with small children ?? Last seen May 14, 2020 A.M.

    1. my name is Chuck Waltman I live on Brush Creek Rd. forover fifty years and posted last message concerning the path west of mission Blvd

    2. Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately I don’t have an answer. I moved to Oregon two years ago and only left this blog open for general walking suggestions. Please see my last post Conditions Change. – Lynn

      1. Thanks for the message. Today the persons packed up their stiff, bbq, about 200 lbs of firewood , assorted items. Talked to one of them said there 2 nos. Left because of polluting the creek etc ticketed $1200 bucks. On the way North, may go to Ore. ???? Thanks Chuck…Be Safe !

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