Can’t Buy a Rainy Day

I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting to share this post with you. Just waiting for a rainy day. But it is cloudy and cold and my cataracts make it fuzzier – so maybe this is as ‘good’ as it gets.

After my walk this morning along Santa Rosa Creek and my harmonica lesson – it feels like a day stuck indoors.

Without further ado, here is a link to Walk Simply. Ms. Lehman does an excellent job of exploring areas of Central and Southern California. Please visit her site for walking ideas and in this case –

How to Enjoy the Outdoors When You’re Stuck Indoors.

Happy Walls stairway


2 thoughts on “Can’t Buy a Rainy Day

    • I think you covered things so well – I’m still working through the list. Add – think you have some music – but learning to play the harmonica is helping my lungs and thus my breathing. Sort of a hill-training. And when I’m good enough I can lead the songs around the campfire. Ha!

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