Strolling in Mendocino

We usually go to Mendocino in January – to enjoy a quiet small town and have a look at a wild stormy sea.

This year, it was all warm, sunny and calm. I thought to show you some of the town. It’s a great place to stroll and visit the shops, galleries and restaurants.

The view to the ocean is always available from Main Street.

Mendocino shopping

There’s a small park across the street above the Big River. Waves crash on the rocks at the ocean and might distract you from shopping.

Mendocino View

One of our repeated ‘activities’ over the years is to stop at the Mendocino Hotel Cafe and have an olallieberry cobbler with ice cream and Irish/Mexican/French/etc coffee.

Mendocino Hotel

While most shops and galleries are on Main Street (including a book store and science store with binoculars looking out to the ocean) and Lansing Street homes many restaurants and a great grocery store – don’t miss the side streets. You don’t know what you’ll find. Check out the doorways, gardens, alleys and remember to look up.

Mendocino Peak and Water Tower

And how many towns have a Chinese Taoist Temple? Here’s a picture of the Mendocino Joss House. Please note the wide steep front steps.

Mendocino Joss House

Mendocino has many hotels and bed and breakfast inns, but real people live here too. (We were inundated with high schoolers when we stopped in Mendosa’s for our picnic lunch.) Given the meters on the side of the building, I think this is an apartment house.

Mendocino Apt House

This is such a small look at the town – it is amazing – any time of year. If you come in spring, summer, fall the gardens will be full of flowers. There’s a headland to be hiked. And an Art Center on Little Lake Street at Kasten Street. It’s no wonder it was Cabot Cove and in ton of movies. Our first visit was during the filming of Racing the Moon with Elizabeth McGovern and Sean Penn, when we all much younger.

Maybe next January, there’ll be a storm!

See you on the trail!

Words by Lynn Millar, photos by Mike Millar – available upon request.

Mendocino cafe and Water Tower

Mendocino Headlands State Park

Link to April 2012 visit Walking the Mendocino Coast

Or try our January 2011 trip that includes the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

How the Mendocino looks when the weather is not so perfect.

Oh yeah, we stayed in Elk this year at the Elk Cove Inn. That beach down there is Greenwood State Beach.

Elk Cove

Elk Cove Greenwood State Beach

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2 thoughts on “Strolling in Mendocino

  1. I love mendocino. Reminds me so much of New England. I believe it was settled by folks from Maine. Thanks for reminding me to plan a trip.Must have that crisp!

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