Walking around the Bay at the Oakland Museum

Hope you are a quick planner – we went to a wonderful exhibit called Above and Below: Stories from Our Changing Bay It ends February 23rd – that’s like Sunday.

Above Below

One area of the exhibit is about the “below” with a video showing the San Francisco Bay without the water.

What I learned about the bay:

  • It’s about 13 miles by 42 miles
  • 40% of California drains into the bay
  • In a normal rain year (not this one) the bay fills about 5 times a year
  • At high tide the bay holds 500 billion gallons
  • We take out (through agricultural and municipal use) about 2/3 of what used to go into the bay.
  • Clean Act 1972 helped improve the water quality of the bay, with restriction on refineries and manufacturers dumping chemicals.
  • Goldmining may have helped California develop but treating rock with mercury or blasting hillsides to find the gold did nothing for the bay’s water and wildlife.

Another area of the exhibit is “above’ the bay. This one started with a 3-hour video Around the Bay – Mike saw a Pt Richmond portions and I saw it from Carquinez Bridge to Antioch.

There are displays about the bridges, shoreline, islands, shellmounds and baylands. All of those things have changed the bay more.

Much more for you to learn at this terrific exhibition with many ways to interact with it. So hurry now to the museum —- for more information click on Oakland Museum.

And if you miss this exhibit, please visit the Oakland Museum – it has Art, History and Natural Science exhibition halls, plus buildings with terraces, ponds and gardens.

Since I usually write about a walk – more than about museum stairs – there is a walk around Lake Merritt. Across the street from the museum is a paved path around the lake. While we waited for the museum to open we watched people and the lake.

It’s 3.4 miles around the lake or tidal lagoon. There’s a Children’s Fairyland, rose gardens, tennis courts, library, boathouse, wildlife sanctuary, nature center – to name just a few things. For more information, click Lake Merritt.

If you need something else to do at Lake Merritt on Sunday February 23, try the Bioblitz put on by Nerds for Nature.

Pictures below are (from my new phone) on the southwest side of the lake near the Oakland Museum and Laney College.

Hope you have a great time in Oakland.

Words and photos by Lynn Millar

We parked and ate at the museum. Both perfect. For public transportation, there’s a BART station for Laney College, Oakland Museum, Chinatown and Lake Merritt. Also a gazillion AC Transit buses.

Click for our last visit to Oakland and Richmond.


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