Wildflower Training Walk in Pacific Grove

Every year in April, the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History has a Wildflower Show. Flowers, grasses, and tree twigs or cones, from all over California, are collected and displayed. We’ve gone for several years now. This year we lost pictures on the camera and forgot to take an overall picture of the room with tables and tables of displays on the phone camera. But here are a few of my favorite.  Consider that there was a table of lilac varieties, one of cypresses, and one of lupines.

The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History also has a maturing garden outside. We’ve seen this go from barren land to lush garden with native plants.

lupine with poppy

Inside with exhibits of local birds and animals are changing exhibits. This time it was about the Chinese Fishing villages that used to exist around Monterey Bay.

Monterey Bay Chinese Fishing History

Not to pass on a walk and a beautiful town – first we walked up to Lighthouse Ave. for the requisite coffee and book purchase – and took time to admire the Victorian-style inns.


Then being Pacific Grove with an ocean in sight, we walked back to the museum at 165 Forest Avenue, past Jewell Park

Jewell Park Gazebo

past more Victorians and cottages.


and to Lovers’ Point.

Lovers Point

Many years ago we stopped here at night for a butterfly festival. This past weekend Lovers Point was full of families playing and eating.

Lovers Point beach

Lovers Point Park

Lovers Point waves

If you visit the area, you can walk or ride around the point in one direction, reaching Pacific Grove Marine Gardens in less than a mile or head the other way to Monterey – it’s just over 1 mile to the Monterey Aquarium. It’s flat!

Our walk as described was over a mile with a gentle hill down to the ocean and not so gentle going back uphill.

Stumped Photographer

For more? Click Last year’s visit to Pacific Grove

Many more posts to come from the gorgeous Monterey Peninsula. There’s Carmel, a couple of parks, the Aquarium and Asilomar.

Words and pictures by Lynn Millar. You can see Mike had the camera, but technical issues …

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3 thoughts on “Wildflower Training Walk in Pacific Grove

  1. 😀 “technical issues” LOL. Thanks for sharing Lynn. Spectacular scenery! (I love the Victorian inns/houses) Have never been further south than the Canadian/US border but am very much looking forward to visiting California one day.

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