Frog Pond Wetland Stroll

With only a few parking spaces off a high speed road, access to Frog Pond Wetland Preserve in Monterey can be daunting. But please persevere.

Frog Pond Entrance

Friends had told us about the place. Frog Pond Wetland Preserve is part of the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District in Canyon Del Reys, inland from the town of Monterey. The trail is a flight of stairs down. Please note the pond through the trees. This is our only picture of the pond due to technical difficulties. To the left of this area is a platform over the pond.

Frog Pond Steps

There are several parks with ponds in Monterey – I imagine that much of the area was wetland before it got so popular and the land was developed for other uses.

The trail is .75 mile  loop and the trail is a sandy dirt (mud in rainy season or flooded?) and uneven. Watch out for poison oaks and ticks. It is home to Pacific Tree Frogs. Vegetation was lush and the dogwoods were in bloom.

Stump Table with mushrooms
Stump Table w/ mushrooms


The pond is surrounded by busy road and a neighborhood. In this area, the bushes and trees opened up to a coast live oak with memorials to a few people.
Oak Memorials

Opposite the pond from the main road, this part of the trail is exposed. It’s a few steps up and an arbor leans over the trail. In a short distance there’s a stand of redwoods.

Steps and arbor

In the shady parts of the trail, we found that ferns abounded, coffeeberry shone and hedge nettles bloomed.

Blooming Hedge Nettles

The trail split – we went right on the Crossover Trail – perhaps the  one on the left goes to a ‘locals access point.’

Frog Pond Trail Split

Easy trail. Some sun, lots of shade. The birds were singing like crazy away from the busy road.

Frog Pond Trail

Wished I could show you more of the pond – you’ll just have to go. It’s the perfect place to escape the sometimes busy Monterey.

See you on the trail!

Lynn Millar.


Next post up? Asilomar. Back to the ocean.

Directions: Canyon Del Rey Road between General Jim Moore Boulevard and Highland Street. Parking is limited. Heads up, park on the shoulder. Map.

Distance: 3/4 mile

Wheelchair: No.

Dogs: On leash – watch for ticks.

Frog Pond Blossoma=s



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