Labyrinth Walks – One Path

I enjoy walking a labyrinth – there’s only one way to go and they’re flat. Okay, and then there’s the focus. Walk with my head down, be in the present, and ignore the distractions.

Here are a few of my favorites in Sonoma County.

The most interesting one is located off the Kortum trail just north of Shell Beach – between the first fence and the first boardwalk, it’s about 100’ inland. This labyrinth seemed to grow organically, where many visitors made contributions to the path. When it was 10 years old, someone decided to add colorfully painted stones to make sure we get the point of being inspired or at peace. I don’t appreciate cute help, but it seems the meadow/nature are modifying the attempted improvements.

labyrinth near kortum trail

When you make it to the center of the labyrinth, look up and you face the ocean. How terrific. Bring a totem to leave at the ‘altar’.

6-14 labyrinth south

For some reason there’s a labyrinth at a dog park in Petaluma. But dog parks are loose and general in Petaluma, so maybe the doggies need a labyrinth. This one’s at Oak Hill Park – Oak and Howard or off of Pleasant St.

Petaluma Dog Park IMG_2297


Speaking of dogs, this next one is at the Charles M. Schulz Museum on W. Steele Ln. in Santa Rosa, CA. in the shape of Snoopy’s Head.Snoopy labyrinth sign

Snoopy Labyrinth

Besides the fun museum, there’s a skating rink nearby. Mark your calendars for mid-July for the skating tournament with skaters from 40-80 years old.

Near the Youth Annex in Sebastopol off of Morris St. is the Labyrinth of Life by the Teen Memorial Garden. Simple and contemplative. Area also has a peace mandala.

Labyrinth of Life

Sebastopol labyrinth

The previous two years we had a garden at Knox Presbyterian Church on W. 3rd in Santa Rosa. Right next to our box of growing strawberries and lettuce was a lovely labyrinth. The surrounding lavender is very much larger now than in this picture. (alas picture went away and I can’t find. – brilliant use of lavender though.)


For a more elegant discussion of labyrinths please refer to Walking the Labyrinth

Do you have your own favorite labyrinth? Let me know.

Do you know where this one is?

Pillar Point Labyrinth

May you find your path.


Words by Lynn Millar, photos by Lynn & Mike Millar – available upon request.

Dianne Hunt sent this picture of a labyrinth in San Francisco, Land’s End.

SF labyr dh 2



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5 thoughts on “Labyrinth Walks – One Path

  1. Enjoyed this post Lynn and the pictures. Would love to visit the one just north of Shell Beach. The ocean is my favorite place.

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