Walking Eureka, New and Old

Eureka! We stopped here on our way home from Oregon in August. Now, it’s October, but it’s still on my mind.


We stayed on the south side of town near the Bayshore Mall. Not a grand neighborhood unless you want to shop – but we discovered a new trail along the bay. Good enough to walk evening and the next morning.

Elk River Access

Eureka new park m Oregon 172

Thanks again to the Coastal Conservancy  and many others – here’s a new little park with interpretive signs, picnic tables and bathroom. There is also a paved trail Hikshari’ Trail. Hikshari’ is the Wiyot name for the place.

Eureka Hikshari' TrailThe trail is 1.5 miles long and there are several other access points. Nice and flat, just as I like them. Or enjoy the mudflat (depending on the tide level)

Hikshari’ Trail (Hikshari’ is the Wiyot place name

Eureka mudflat m Oregon 171

We didn’t walk that far – it goes along A St. for a while, then continues along the Elk River for 1.5 miles, and crosses the railroad tracks near Pound Rd. Map of Truesdale Vista Point. Resize to find trail and directions. The Elk River feeds into Humboldt Bay that opens to the Pacific Ocean.


Somehow whenever we go through Eureka, we’re always in a hurry to go somewhere else. This time we took a break to see a little of old town Eureka. Boardwalks, art and charming buildings, houses and shops.

Eureka Old Town

Eureka Boardwalk

Eureka moving sculpture

And dear to my heart (besides the coastal thing and art work) is a bookstore –

Eureka Bookstoreand a theater!

Redwood Curtain Eureka

Old Town map.

So we still need more time in Eureka, but maybe this view will speed a return.

See you on the trail!

Words by Lynn Millar, pictures by Lynn and Mike Millar, available upon request.

Eureka fishing boat


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