Weekend Fun: Rocky & Dracula

This was not a good week personally, so here’s my dark side. And it is almost Halloween, where we get in touch with our dark side. Catch a couple of local productions. Maybe it’s time I actually see the Rocky Horror Show, because it’s been like ‘ yeah I saw it in Berkeley in 1973’ – no, I was just in a theater where it was showing later. Even in those days I didn’t stay up to midnight.

  • The Rocky Horror Show By Richard O’Brien – 6th Street Playhouse, Studio – Thur-Sat 8pm and Sat-Sun 2pm to Nov 9th. Click Horror.
  • Dracula – Sonoma Community Theater – Thurs-Sat 8pm and Sun 2pm to Nov 2nd. Click Dracula.

What do you like to do for Halloween?

Weekend fun


Published by Lynn Millar

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Fun: Rocky & Dracula

    1. That labyrinth is on a hill in Petaluma – in a dog park – so howling could be appropriate. Not sure why the dogs need a maze – they’re always working one out where ever they go sniffing.

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