Walking Pacifica – Mori Point

Usually, we just whiz by Pacifica on Hwy 1 with a vague awareness about Sharp Park and little else.

Mike is an avid SFGate reader and found some parks we just had to go to – this one in Pacifica is Mori Point.
Pt Mori trailStarting from a small parking area off of Bradford Way, we walked between backyards and the park. On this day we walked on a completely flat trail, but one can zigzag up the hill for a finer view. Except it was a little foggy. Signs clearly mark the trails.


Pt Mori trailsPart of the trail is a boardwalk that covers a wetland just south of the Sharp Park golf course. A concerted effort has helped restore this wetland area. There are red-legged frog ponds out there. This project included the Pacifica Land Trust, the Coastal Conservancy, and the community. The Trust for Public Land purchased and added to the Golden Gate National Parks in 2000.

Wetland Boardwalk Pt MoriIn just over a quarter of a mile we reached the ocean. Running along the beach a trail goes north for a mile.

Sea wall trailWe just wandered around a little. (We’d already been to UC Arboretum and Waddell Creek – that’s my excuse.)

Pacifica N viewAnother time, perhaps we’ll head up hill Pt Mori trailsOr go around the point and take the stairs up the hill.

Mori Pt stairsMori Point is part of the Golden Gate National Parks (as is much of San Francisco coastal Parks). Please visit their website, Mori Point for more information.

Except for howling winds, this seems like a peaceful place. But in the 1700s the Spanish mined a limestone quarry for the Presidio buildings. It was also a quarry area in World War II. The name Mori comes from an Italian immigrant who purchased for a farm and built Mori Pt Inn in the late 1800s. The family ran it until the 1940s. (That includes the prohibition years. Some people will travel a long way for a drink.)

Pt Mori mPark Trail map and brochure.

Park rules: Dogs on leash, bikes and horses with riders.

I love doing a little research for my posts – especially when I don’t take enough notes while I’m on site. In this case, apparently this is where Harold drove his jag off a cliff in the charming/weird movie Harold and Maude.

See you on the trail!

Words by Lynn Millar, pictures by Lynn and Mike Millar – available upon request.

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