Walking Hunter Creek Trail

I had seen the trailhead from visits to Friedman’s Home Improvement, but didn’t put it high on my walk list. Undoubtedly, it was flat. I almost got a speeding ticket test driving a car on the nearby straight and flat Mountain View Ave. I assumed it was open and hot, requiring the correct season and weather. I thought it was really short. ( Actually 1.5 mi or 3 miles round trip – perfect.) And it’s just off the normal areas I go for walks.

Trailhead SR AveHunter Creek Trail, one of the many Sonoma County Regional Parks maintained trails was a pleasant surprise. It is relatively flat with a slow grade up to the hills the other side of Petaluma Hill Rd.

At first there’s the dominating noise from Hwy 101 and Santa Rosa Ave. In a short distance we were past the businesses. Todd Creek runs into Hunter Creek and the landscape opens up.

Trailhead SR AveThe path is often tree lined. Oaks have been planted along the creek.Hunter Creek TrailMeadows were green.Green meadowsHorses had something to eat.

Horses grazingThe trail is paved and runs straight across the plain – with a couple of curves and zigs at crossing Hunter Ln and Hunter Ln Extension.

road crossingAt one crossing the paved trail goes to the other side of the creek.

Trail road crossingWith all the rain we’ve had recently, some of this flat land needed help draining.

stream diversionMost of the creeks across the Santa Rosa Plain are used as flood control, but as we neared Petaluma Hill Rd. the creek seemed more natural with plenty of rocks. Made for a lovely sound as the water ran downhill.Hunter Ln CreekNear the end the path turns left. More rocks. I almost felt I was in the woods.

Path turnFinally, we reached trail end.

End of TrailAnd turned around and went back.

Access: A few roadside spots at Santa Rosa Ave. trailhead. One at Hunter Lane trailhead. And maybe a couple at Hunter Ln and Hunter Ln Extension where they cross the trail.

Wheelchair accessible: Yes

Dogs: Yes Horses: Yes

Park Info

Trail at Friedman's


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7 thoughts on “Walking Hunter Creek Trail

  1. Is it really OK to park on the hunter’s lane side? I saw a couple of places were my car could just fit, off road, but was afraid I would be on someone’s property?

    1. Ann -There is one ‘no parking’ zone near Hunters Ln Ext. I think you could park on or near the bridges on Hunters Ln and Ext. – beware the mud. At the trailhead on Hunters Ln, it looks like room for one car. Also beware the currently soft ground. – Lynn

      1. Thank you! I thought of asking the riding stable there if I could park in their lot, even for a fee, but didn’t in the end and just left.

  2. thank you for this. I have looked at this trail but always thought it would be sort of wide open with no trees or much a view. Will have to give it a try.

    1. Nice little walk once you get away from noise of Hwy 101. Also along Todd Creek is a dirt path. You’ll see it where the creeks split near SR Ave. Small homeless encampment (on that side) with temporary pallet bridge.

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