Before Pt Reyes – Giacomini Wetlands

We often race to Point Reyes, because it’s a little far to travel and it’s so wonderful we just want to be there. However a few treats pop up along the way (aside from food.) The first view of Tomales Bay can be beautiful.

Tomales Bay view westOr even stunning.

Tomales Bay view southDepending on the tide at Millerton Point, one can enjoy a short walk or a long sit.

But I have noticed a new spot to explore – and that’s what I was set to do on this trip, if only briefly.

Just north of Pt Reyes Station is a small parking lot and this trail head. Access to the Giacomini Wetland Restoration is over some former dairy land. (There is still a Giacomini Dairy in the area.)

Giacomini Wetland entranceThe trail heads around the pasture and down hill.

Giacomini trail 1st legSome of the trail needs more work, Trail work to dobut it’s generally an okay dirt trail.Trail west from GiacominiTo the left of us were plateaus of ponds to the bay.

Pond stepsWe reached another gate. Mike looked to Tomales Bay.

The restoration of 550 wetland acres started over 5 years ago. (I can only remember seeing the trailhead for two.) This project comprises over 50% of Tomales Bay wetlands. (Now that I’ve found that out, I guess we missed the best parts.)

View to Tomales BayI looked to where the trail went next. It does go around that knoll in the distance and then down to the wetland area.

Trail continuesTo this point is over half a mile. So we stopped here. The trail is over a mile from parking lot to wetland and then it appears one could explore in the wetland some more. We’ll try to spend more time here next time and not think about the climb back up hill.

Giacomini trail view eastTrail back eastFor more information on the wetland restoration, click NPS Giacomini Project or Pt Reyes Giacomini

More access points to the wetlands on Tomales Bay are along Sir Francis Drake Blvd before entering Pt Reyes proper.

And yes we went to Pt Reyes stopping at Abbotts Lagoon. Here’s the proof.

Mike at Abbotts LagoonLynn at Abbotts LagoonPrevious Abbotts Lagoon visit.

See you on the trail!

Words by Lynn Millar

Photos by Lynn and Mike Millar, available upon request.






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