Walking Santa Barbara Waterfront

Last week we had a grand visit to Santa Barbara. The boat harbor was across the street from where we stayed – so we walked near the water every day. We walked the sidewalk next to W. Cabrillo Blvd. lined with tall palms.

Santa Barbara SidewalkWe walked on the beachside trail – a few feet away from the wide sidewalk.

Santa Barabra beach pathWe zigged and zagged around parking lots and boat ramps. The next picture is near the Los Baños Del Mar – a public swimming pool. And yes, people were swimming in February.

Trail near boatsWe admired the boats in the harbor.

Yacht pathWe walked out Stearns Wharf looking in every direction. I loved seeing mountains. Mountains and ocean together – can hardly be beat. The wharf provided shipping and now sports several restaurants and shops and a Sea Center. Built in 1872, it’s the oldest wooden working wharf in California. (Of course, I read signs on the wharf about several fires.)

Stearns Wharf SB viewStearns WharfThe view to sea is of the Channel Islands; Santa Cruz is the largest. Having the dog with us, we didn’t go for any island hopping.

Another part of the view is of oil rigs. Not part of our Northern California view – it takes some getting used to. Our camera and phone pictures seem to blur them on the horizon.

One day trying to find more parks – we headed back to the ocean and found Shoreline Park. To the west of the main part of Santa Barbara – this trail starts off of Shoreline Dr. near San Rafael Ave.

Shoreline ParkYou could go down the stairs to the beach –

Staircase to the beachOr follow the trail to Leadbetter Beach in .75 of a mile. and in a mile reach the boat harbor. It’s over 2 miles to Stearns Wharf and over 3 miles to the busiest volleyball courts in the sands at the east end of the coastline.

For more information, click Santa Barbara Beaches. Shoreline Park. Stearns Wharf and Stearns Wharf history. Santa Barbara Maritime Museum. Channel Islands.

Stearns Wharf ladderWe have plenty more to show you about our trip to Santa Barbara – but here’s the start.

Words by Lynn Millar, pictures my Lynn and Mike Millar.

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