Another Park and the Santa Barbara Mission

Franceschi Park

Back up the hills in Santa Barbara we went one morning to find a park. We missed it the first time by. Here’s a picture of the entrance at 1501 Franceschi Park to help you on your visit.

Franceschi Gate Named after an Italian botanist, Francesco Franceschi, many trees come with helpful placques. But you might be distracted by the great view of Santa Barbara and the ocean.

Santa Barbara viewMike wove down the hill to the old mansion of Dr. Franceschi. There were a number of plaques on the delapidated house, but this one is a memorial to Catherine Cochran Adams, Founder of Santa Barbara Beautiful (among other organizations.)

f Adams memorial This is one of the views downhill.

Franceschi down I went off on the flat (it is only an 18 acre park) and read more plaques and tree names. This wall is made out of broken cement – but I thought it was beautiful.

Franceschi cement walkThe park does have some picnic benches and a bathroom. It is for great viewing and tree id, but not walking.

Santa Barbara Mission

Santa Barbara Mission mBack down the hill is the Santa Barbara Mission, founded by the Franciscans in 1786. It is the only mission still under the Franciscans. Twenty-one missions go from San Diego to Sonoma. This one was destroyed by earthquake in 1812, rebuilt and when the towers were downed by earthquake in a 1925, they were rebuilt.

Currently there is a grant to repair some of the sandstone slowly returning to sand.

SBM repair l

Services are still held in the chapel. An active organization gives several types of tours around the mission. Visit their website Old Mission Santa Barbara for more information about the Mission.

Mission chapel mWhile Mike explored the indoors, I became fascinated by the laundry. The dam and aquaduct, we had seen on the creek in the Botanic Garden came down to this laundry. Chumash women would do the wash in this basin.

SBM long view laundryAt the head of the area is a reproduction of a bear spouting the water.

SBM bear end of laundryAt the other end is a lion – an original and perhaps the oldest remaining public sculpture

SBM lion end laundryNext to the main parking area is an olive garden with the Stations of the Cross for your meditations.

m Station of the Cross garden mI’m loving Santa Barbara more with beautiful places to visit and plenty of flat areas with hill and mountains in the background.

Across the street is a lawned Mission Historical Park. Next to that and uphill is the Rocky Nook Park, near the Natural History Museum.

Words by Lynn Millar, pictures by Lynn and Mike Millar available upon request.

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