What You Missed at Cloverdale:

Sorry the trip to Cloverdale last Saturday was too far to go for a short walk. But here’s what you missed. It turned out the wildflowers and trees were amazing.


Cloverdale River Park is 72 acres along the Russian River. Much of the riverbed is now dry. Mountains across the river to the east. Bridge is at First Street. Woodpeckers made noise in the dead trees, but we couldn’t spot them.


The trail is short and paved only a little over 2 miles round trip. The bridge goes over a now dry creek with rocky bed. Following the trail along First St leads to the Cloverdale Cemetery for a good view of the Russian River.

Trees and Bushes

Please help identify some of these trees, add to or dispute our ids. Different trees in different stages of blossoms and leaves.

 Plants and Flowers

These were in the meadows or along the trail. The white flowers at the end of this set of flowers is very common, but I’m not able to id – please help. Or help with the fuzzy cylinder flower, more yellow than the picture shows. And the lupines? They were along Hwy 101 too.

These flowers were growing up the cliff side above the trail.

More flowers

As many natives that have survived in this park or been planted, these colorful invasive flowers also survive.

Next time you’re on your way north, please consider stopping at Cloverdale River Park for a quick walk and a long look at the wildflowers.

See you on the trail!


Words by Lynn Millar, pictures by Lynn and Mike Millar (the fuzzy ones are mine).


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