Why Riverfront? Waters High and Muddy

I have wondered and MIke recently asked how Riverfront Regional Park got its name. The Russian River used to run through the area but now lakes are left behind and the river flows by and is not easily seen from the park. So, here’s a question for you – why Riverfront?

We don’t usually go there in  winter because the trail is too muddy and at the weir (the connection to the river) is sometimes unpassable. BThis sign expresses how we sometimes walk – one way and then turn around.

Riverfront warning signSince we’re not usually winter visitors we were surprised how high the water was (high enough to drown the ludwigia) and how muddy. All this even though we haven’t had any real rain in months.

muddy lakeLake Benoist that the trail normally surrounds was also high and muddy.

Muddy Lake BenoistWe chose to walk to the left, on a trail that is more interesting and lush. Also it’s under the trees where the heron roost. Though we didn’t hear them, we saw one prehistoric looking heron fly in with a large twig for a nest.

Steps to Lake BenoistIt’s a little early for all the flowering bushes in this area – the thimbleberry, spice bush and dogwood yet to come – but a twinberry had plenty of flowers.

TwinberryNative blackberries were in blossom like gorgeous hedges.

native blackberrynative blackberryTiny grapes were hanging out. (This looks the color of poison oak, which was also flowering.)

Baby GrapesAnd about the trail? This past winter the trail was carved out with a 4-5 foot drop. I think they need to build a bridge over this area. All the methods they’ve tried over the years have not worked.

Trail washed out

Lake Benoist - Riverfront Regional Park

As we left to go I noticed this dogwood planted by the sunnier parking lot.

dogwoodSee you on the trail!

Words by Lynn Millar, pictures by Lynn and Mike Millar

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