West County Trail – Northern End

We walk the West County Trail so often and it seems so familiar that I forgot to ever report on the northern section from Ross Station Rd to Forestville. Even after we made a trip there in February to report on that part.

When we lived in Guerneville, we used to start the trail at Ross Station and usually headed south. We were deterred from the north trail because it didn’t go through to Forestville and a generous dad had built a noisy motorcross course for his kids (or himself) right next to the trail.

2-15 heading north of Ross StaThe sign has a handwritten note about how the trail does now go through to Forestville.

2-15 paved trail northThe trail is paved. Besides the backyards, the terrain is more riparian than the other sections of the trail that feature fields, berry patches and vineyards. I’m not sure if some of the trail might be flooded in a rainy winter. (You remember what a rainy season is, right?)

2-15 north bridgeWe didn’t walk all the way to Forestville this time – but did go around and I took some pictures from the Forestville end of things. I think more improvements are to come.

2-15 Forestville Open SpaceMeanwhile back at Ross Station Rd – people were still puzzled by the zigzag of the trail. You can figure it out, right?

2-15 trail south Ross StaHere is a Map – thanks to the Sonoma County Regional Parks.


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