Walking the Parks à la Google

The Press Democrat recently announced the Sonoma County Regional Parks launch of a “street view” of 15 of parks.

So far I have tried Sonoma Valley Regional – I found it stopped and I wouldn’t go farther, I needed to relaunch or choose a new starting point.

I also tried Pinnacles Gulch (Bodega Bay) since it’s a spot I’ve only done once due to the steepness. If I didn’t know where it started, it would have been hard to find. Here’s a start for you. Pinnacles Gulch. Sorry, I’ve not done a post about this place. Is it enough to say, it’s short but steep? Go at low tide, when there’s some beach.

In some cases, such as the West County Trail, you’ll have to know that at Green Valley Road, you need to turn left and pick up the trail again in a quarter of a mile. Read the signs when not on a virtual walk. I suggest you refer to the parks maps for more detail.

These are not videos, so you have to keep clicking to move down the path or look around. But they’ll give you some idea what to expect.

Remember, trail conditions often change – especially at the coast. Trails erode, steps fall away etc.

Here’s a link to the Regional Parks list of parks and how to access.

Sonoma Valley entrance on a wet day
Wet Sonoma Valley entrance

For our version of Sonoma Valley with links to more.

Latest – here’s and article about 110 State Parks with Google Street View. Direct to State Parks.


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